Friday, November 14, 2008

Polo Guard Fitment - Any 110bcd Crankset

We have had some questions about the Polo Guard only fitting on Sugino XD cranksets with the Sugino's proprietary offset spider arm. Although we did design the PG/XD system for our own reasons; it is not the end all.
As the above image illustrates, the PG can be mounted on any 110bcd crankset. Simply changing the location of the ring to the inside of the spider (seen in top section of image) instead of the outside as the XD system was designed (lower section).
The top section with the two Sinz cranks (front and back view) show the PG mounted in this fashion. The Sinz crankset is for illustration purposes only, any 110bcd crank can be used (FMF, FSA, Fly Racing, AC Racing, BulletProof, etc.).
A longer BB will have to be used with any crankset other than a Sugino XD. Although crank/spider offsets vary from crankset to crankset. With the PG mounted to the Sinz crankset seen above, we used a 68x113mm bottom bracket and got a 41mm chainline. member "Manting" from Ontario Canada is using his on a FMF crankset seen here. Maybe he will be kind enough to drop a note and let us know what BB length he is using on his steed.

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