Friday, May 1, 2009

Product of the Week - WONDER Cycle Light!

Ooooh, those were the days.

Wonder claims:
WONDER CICLU front cycle light is designed for cyclists to see and to be seen from a distance when traveling in the darkness. Clearly seen over 650 metres and from side view due to lens design.
WONDER CICLU remains illuminated even when a cycle is stationary, putting an end to the disadvantages of a dynamo which only works when a cycle is in motion.
WONDER CICLU is also ideal for use as a camping light using the clamp provided.

Slacken wing nut to loosen to loosen grip: adjust to fit cycle. Next place ball joint into cup housing and partially tighten wing nut. Insert lamp into retaining clip, adjust for final position and firmly tighten wing nut.
WARNING: Fix only to handlebars or steering head of frame. Do not fit to fork of cycle.

This product has been manufactured from raw material of the finest quality and with technology of the highest standards. It is guaranteed against any manufacturing fault. In the case of manufacturing defect it will be replaced if you return it to your distributor or to WONDER QUALITY SERVICE DEPT. WONDER (UK) LTD Unit 214 Springvale Industrial Estate CWMBRAN GWENT.

INSTRUCTIONS: To change battery or bulb, open case by depressing upper section.


So you're saying to yourself, "Boy, I really need that 80's beauty". Well, just post a comment telling us why you're the most deserving, we'll sift through them on Monday 10am (cut off) and decide who the lucky winner is! The winner will have their story posted to this blog entry and has 3 seconds to email us to claim their very own WONDER FRONT CYCLE LIGHT for FREE! o.k. maybe more than three seconds. Good Luck! so exciting.

*Ben's Cycle cannot verify the claims made by WONDER (UK) LTD and although this light system is new in original packaging we have no idea whether or not it even works. Requires (1) 3R12 battery (not included).


Congratulations James!
You are the WINNER!
You don't have to worry about EP, your very own is coming to you free of charge!
How exciting! How very exciting!

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Unknown said...

I knew I forgot to EP something!

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