Friday, July 3, 2009

HOLD FAST Foot Retention System

I think that Jeremiah/Hold Fast says it best...

"We believe these to be the finest foot straps made for urban street riding. Hand made in Brooklyn, they offer superior comfort and adjustability no matter what type of shoe you ride in. Whether you are a die-hard fixed gear rider seeking a long lasting alternative to toe-clips, a hardcore bicycle polo player who wants a more protective toe strap, a trick rider seeking greater confidence, or a casual commuter seeking maximum adjustability and comfort...these are the straps for you."

Check out their online store to snag a pair for yourself.

I would think in the future they will be available from your local dealers. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.


Kirk Dianda said...

That is the best and worst idea, ever. Why would I ever want that giant type and shitty star (that only buff New Jersey guido dudes have tattooed on themselves) on my bike?

Until you can figure out how to NOT over-brand this, and make a product that can live on its own, without bad design, I don't think people will buy it. But that's my opinion and hope that people don't support something based on (bad) branding, but rather innovative thinking.

Unknown said...

i don't think people are supporting these based on the branding, i think they are interested because of the innovative thinking and design. i fail to see your point.

-hand silk screened ink comes off fairly easily with a fingernail

-real tags are in the works

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