Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Sugino Mighty Comp MC130

Very nice finish on Sugino's new Mighty Comp crankarms and chainrings. Can't wait to get our hands on these. When we get an ETA, you will be the first to know! They are also offering a tour version in 110bcd that's going to be a great match for our 2010 Pologuards.


Anonymous said...

Wish they would have fixed the chainline on these rather than fussing with the finish -- still waiting on Sugino to put out a dedicated singlespeed 130 BCD crank with a 42mm chainline. These are just road doubles that they tell you to use with a short bottom bracket and ignore the 45mm chainline.

Ben's Cycle said...

Point taken.

I have two words - "Tolerance Stack"

1.Keep in mind that not every hub manufacturer is hitting 42mm anymore(i.e. Profile) and if they do claim to have a 42mm chainline, they have tolerances.
2.I hope you are measuring your cog's overall width because they can differ from manuf to manuf by more than a millimeter.
3. Rear end alignment tolerances can vary upwards to a millimeter and a half.
4. On top of all of that, have you ever measured the front chainline of a Sugino 75 with a 75 BB? I have measured many and they vary from 42.5-44mm (yes, 44) - I haven't actually found one that hit the 42mm mark exactly. You're dealing with two tolerances in this case, BB axle taper and crank arm taper.

So as far as I'm concerned, you have to be pretty lucky to have a bike with a 42mm chainline.

Anonymous said...

Same Anon here - that's not the point. 42mm has been the track standard for a long time, and while plenty of stuff is now drifting outboard a bit the issue with cranks remains that you can always move the chainline outboard with spacers at the BB, but there's no way to move it in. Most setups do end up at about 43mm these days, that's where mine is and I achieve a good chainline using an RD2 with a longer BB and the chainring on the inside -- ugly, but so is the rest of the bike. I don't consider 45 in the front and 43 in the back to be adequately aligned chainline, but that is what sugino is asking most of us to put up with with this crank

What we need is a 130bcd crank that gets a 42mm chainline with the ring in the outer position on a 107mm bottom bracket, which would open up a whole range of other bottom brackets besides the sugino 103. This would also allow you to use it on Italian threaded bikes, as there is no 103mm Italian thread BB out there. Basically we need a 130 version of the XD, which works fine on a 107.

Ben's Cycle said...

144bcd has also been the track standard.

I am not saying that you don't have a valid point, but it wasn't but a year or so ago that someone besides TA Specialites made a 1/8" 130bcd chainring. So the market is progressing.

As far as the 107 bb length goes, I think that would be like asking Campy (in the time before Ultra-Torque) to make their cranks not 102 or 111 so we could use another brand of BB besides Token. Never happen. Not even mentioning the fact that Campy ISO is not the same as Japan's ISO.

With that said, I AM surprised that Sugino has stuck with the 45mm chainline on the 130bcd version and claims 43.5mm chainline for the tour version. I almost wonder if there isn't a typo with the 45.

The 43.5mm makes the most sense to me. It satisfies both the fixed(42mm) and the free(45mm) riders at the same time.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it is a typo, but we won't know until they arrive.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please carry the Mighty Tour version with the 110BCD. Are silver chainrings going to be an option?


Ben's Cycle said...

We can only wait and see. We'll put a post up when we have more info.

Ben's Cycle said...

Sram list the chainline on their i-motion 9 hub at 48.8mm which would be no problem with a little longer bb axle for the Might Comp crank. maybe a 113mm? The measured difference of the inside cup flange to the end of the axle on the drive side of a Sugino 103 to a 113mm is 4mm. 113mm shimano bb should get you a good chainline for this hub.

Shimano on the other hand lists 42mm chainline for the Alfine = 3mm chainline sway.

*Sugino recommends 103 bb for 45mm chainline

Sam said...

When I mounted S75 bb/cranks on my NJS frame the ring and spider hit the chainstay. DA7710 cleared perfectly though--the difference being 44mm vs. 42mm chainline. The chainring was still inboard of the cog as well. More importantly on newer bikes they have to allow for larger diameter chainstays ton ensure widespread crank compatibility. If you really need narrow chainline have your LBS face down BOTH sides of your BB shell 1mm. Sam

Ben's Cycle said...

you kind of lost me here.
Sugino 75 and DA7710 both have a 42mm chainline.

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