Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holdfastordie Bruiser

We have been getting tons of questions concerning the colorway of the Hold Fast Bruiser. The frame is Gun Kote Clear Coat Raw and the fork is Atomlab Red (standard wet paint). The Gun Coat is an option in the paint drop drop menu in the Bruiser order page. It costs 125 extra, takes about 3 weeks for our coater to turn around and that includes a coating inside the frame as well.


troy said...

What is the finish on frame?

Is it like a bluing?

Great bikes..


Ben's Cycle said...

That frame is "Gun-Koted". It is a new coating we've been using for the past year or so on some Milwaukee bikes. It is not really like a bluing, but more like a very durable, very thin coating. Check out some examples of gun-koted frames on our flickr account: Please email us at for a more detailed explanation. We'll also have a better FAQ or info section up on the website relatively soon which will cover this in depth.

Thanks for the interest.

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