New Items - Sinz Riser Bars and KMC Devil 202

It was a bit difficult to find a high quality 3/32" non-chamfered single speed chain for track bikes using 3/32" drive train or single speed mountain bikes. KMC created the D202 Devil chain; sibling to the D101 1/8" version, the 202 should prove to be a high quality 3/32" drive solution.

New riser bars from Sinz just in, alloy straight wall construction, 22.2 clamp, available in a few colors and a reasonable price.


Anonymous said…
What's the distance from bend to ben? wCurious to know how narrow I can run these with room for a brake lever.
Ben's Cycle said…
I added a image per your request.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that! A picture is worth a thousand words!!!
those aren't their juniors bars are they?

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