No Snow Day For Us

Quite a brisk morning here in Milwaukee. The ride to work took a little bit longer with all the headwind but I still made it to work and was able to take a couple of shots. You can tell it was cold and windy when the lake looks like that.

On a plus side, 2nd Street has been open and clear of construction for about two months now (that's the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in the background). Under all the snow, there are wide lanes for both cars and cyclists. It diverts you from the busy parts on 1st Street. A little more south on 2nd (with a left turn on Maple) you'll run into the newly renovated part of 1st. Again, wide lanes and a straight shot to Lincoln Ave, which takes you to Ben's.

Pretty good news for cyclists in Milwaukee. You can ride from downtown to Bay View without having to dodge a ton of traffic. I'm pretty excited to see if these new additions encourage more riding/commuting this Spring. Everyone wins; cars still have their lanes, cyclists have a path, and more traffic for 2nd st. bars/restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, f you haven't tried Crazy Water, you're missing out.

Well, more updates to come. We always have new stuff! Until then, stay warm and safe on those snowy roads.



antonyo said…
these pictures are awesome!

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