Saturday, July 16, 2011

Capture the Moment

Last weekend my buddy had his bachelor party up at Levis Mounds. All I have to say is that the weekend was epic; hanging out with my best buds having a blast and riding bikes. I captured the whole thing on my Go Pro 960 and am very happy with how all my pictures and videos came out. It was great to have a camera that is simple to use and is ridiculously durable and waterproof. Soon enough I'll have videos up but for $180 (minus memory card and chest or handlebar mounts) you get a fine product. I was even able to charge the camera through the USB port on the car stereo! These days I rarely leave the house without bringing my Go Pro along.

**On another note, we all have bells on our mountain bikes. If you don't have one on your bike, you have no idea how convenient it can be!

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