Thursday, December 22, 2011

9 Zero 7

Had to pick up my jaw after seeing this beast built up. One of our dedicated customers brought in a 9Zero7 frame and asked us to get everything else for it. Top notch parts on here; Nuvinci hub, Phil Wood 150mm BB, White Industries Cranks, Phil Wood 135mm Disc front hub, Paul Melvin tensioner, White Brothers Snow Pack fork...there is nothing less than bling on this bike. Kind of strange not having 'gears' but if this was my bike, I wouldn't complain.

We've built a couple custom fat bikes in recent past including a Schlick Cycles North Paw for our good friend Dave. With fat bikes, you have to account for many nuances that don't apply to all other bikes like offset wheel configurations and 100mm bb shells. It's just been wonderful having to tackle a lot of these challenges and getting familiar with these builds. I like that more of these bikes are out on trails, beaches, and even on the road. If you've never ridden a fat bike in 10in of snow, you are missing out!

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