Studded Tires

We have been fortunate enough to have had a very mild winter. With no snow and above freezing days, this winter has felt like an extended Fall. Even Cyclrocross Nationals was bearable to watch! But here it is, the Wisconsin winter that we know so well. Still, with slush and ice glazing the streets, I still love riding. I may even like riding more! Even my girlfriend gets excited to ride to work.Added to our arsenal is the Nokain A10 650b studded tire (pictured on my 650b converted mtn bike). 650b may not be the popular size out there but I am glad there is a studded tire available . The A10 (also available in a 700c) may not have as many studs as other versions but it is fast, rolls very smooth, and tracks through the elements very well. I have found that working with different tire pressures you may get increased traction. We also carry many options in the 26" and 700c versions so check them out here.

I love winter and riding my bike through it makes it even more enjoyable! But as always, if you ride, walk, or drive, just be careful out there.

We measured a few tires that we our riding here in the shop-we'll give the tire, size/width, rim width and tire width at high recommended inflation. If you have a "tire/rim - inflated width" to add please do in the comments. We'll be adding more as they roll through -
  1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 700x45c / WTB Speed Disc Rim 26mm - Inflated width = 43mm
  2. Nokian A10 700x32c / Alex G6000 Rim 22.5mm - Inflated Width = 30mm
  3. Nokian Ice Speed 700x37c / Velocity Deep V 19mm - Inflated Width = 36mm
  4. Nokian Extreme 294 29x2.1" / Velocity VXC 22mm - Inflated Width = 51mm
  5. Nokian Extreme 294 29x2.1" / Velocity P35 35mm - Inflated Width = 52mm
  6. Nokian A10 650bx1.5" / Velocity 650b Blunt 28mm - Inflated Width = 40mm


stevez said…
Holy SKS fender!
stevez said…
Holy SKS fender!
Chris said…
Do studded tires come in different widths? I've got a folding bike with full-size wheels, but I'm concerned about clearance around the brakes. And if they do, is a 30mm a real 30mm? or is it like a 30mm extra wide? Do you know what I mean?
Ben's Cycle said…
Let us do some measuring on employees' bikes and we'll put some number up for you.

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