Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aliza's Milwaukee Single Speed

Aliza came all the way up from Chicago to get a bike from us.  She had searched around her city and could not find exactly what she wanted.  Some bikes had great parts but with horrid paint jobs and vice versa.  When she found out how much we emphasize custom builds on our frames, she opted to get a Milwaukee Orange One.  

Aliza wanted a simple and classy bike but that felt like her own.  After a couple of emails about color/parts and a simple fit (which is included with a local purchase of any of our Milwaukee bikes), Aliza got her bike.  We are all pleased in how it turned out.  Sometimes all it takes is the right set up to get anyone excited to ride.  Thanks for making the trip Aliza, hope you have many many enjoyable miles the bike!


Anonymous said...

Nice bike. Clean lines, very well done. Just tweak that rack a hair so it runs perfectly level and flat - and I'll pop. :)

Earl said...

Unfortunately she was in a rush to get back home for an appointment otherwise we would have leveled it.

The rack is secure on there, I was glad to get a pic or two before she had to jet!

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