We Need Help With Our Helmet Hair. Please.

We at Ben's Cycle/ Milwaukee Bicycle Company are all about looking good.

I mean, look at us...

And we are all about riding our bikes. And sometimes when we ride to a destination - like a date or meeting - we still want to look good. That includes our hair.

Yes, our hair.

We fully admit to vanity, and we - at least those of us who still have hair - treasure its luster, shape, and style. 

At the same time, we always wear our bike helmets for safety. We want to ride safely, but we each have our particular hair challenges.

Maybe one of us has hair like Bon Jovi in the 80s...

Maybe one of us has hair like Troy's....

It's possible one of us is still living with a mullet...

One of us tries to be hip...

And one of us has just given up trying to do anything with his hair...
In all seriousness, we have a problem to solve: How can we wear a helmet, ride to a destination, and still have awesome hair when we arrive? 

Do we add product after the ride?

Do we bring a portable hair dryer? 

We at Ben's are all about solving the impediments people face in riding their bikes more. While most businesses will never have the kinds of awesome hair we have at the shop, most non-bald people are deeply concerned about this. Some people we know DON'T RIDE just because of their hair. 

That's not okay. 

So we are brave enough to admit it. We're opening up a discussion on hair and bike helmets. How can we maintain our awesome hair and still be safe by wearing a helmet? 

Help us, Internet Answers? Solutions?


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