Monday, February 2, 2009

Preliminary MBC S700 Geos

New S700 geometry specs.

We will be taking pre-orders in 2-3 weeks, full details will be available here shortly.

Sizing: Long top-tubes mean short, stiff stems. So which size is right for you? First, measure your current cockpit (i.e. 54cm top-tube + 110mm stem = 65cm cockpit). The 50cm(S) frame has a 60cm virtual top-tube, so a 50mm stem would get your cockpit @ 65cm.

Keep in mind this frame is designed for 35-90mm stem lengths. It is better to have a shorter seat-tube than a top-tube that is too long.


CowboyAren said...

are you going to offer just the fork for sale?

Ben's Cycle said...

We are currently nailing down the final fork specs and it won't be long before we have prices and details.

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