John "Prolly" Watson in Ollie

SONOFA....YOU ARE KILLIN' IT! Good job John, everyone here is stoked for you and of course the Bruiser! Now all we have to do is get our hands on a few copies and have Yohei (COG Mag) interpret for us.


Kay said…
On the left side about the MKE frame, they say: 1. The cog head badge of Milwaukee Bycycle is "impressive" and "eye-catching". 3. Milwaukee frame's purple color got "a big impact".

Unfortunatelly, 4 was cut off right after they say the crank is Sugino75... before they say something about the stout!
Ben's Cycle said…
Kay, give us a shout and we'll hook you up for your effort!
Kay said…
No problem at all.... you guys are nice every time I go to the store. (You gave me free spacers for my hub last weekend.)

If you get hold of a copy, let me know. I want to take a look at it.
Ben's Cycle said…
I have more Japanese I could use translated. Could you email me?

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