Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Milwaukee Bike Co. Bar Ends

First set of protos came in and production is goooooooooooing. Keep an eye out and we'll post when they're here. Should be about 3-4 weeks.



Want to know right when these come in? Just click on the link and sign up for the "In Stock Notification" at the bottom of the page. We'll shoot you an email when we put them in stock!


Joe said...

Do the bar-end caps work with Lock-On grips?

Ben's Cycle said...

They do; you just have to move your grips in about 5mm and secure them on the ends.

Joe said...

They don't have the little indentation to replace the outer lockring thingies (forgive the technical vocabulary), then?

Ben's Cycle said...

Hey Joe,
No they don't have the indentations. Patents cover and protect that type of end cap.

Joe said...

I wish there was an end cap that covered those patents. Thanks for the information.

Ben's Cycle said...

ODI does make a end cap for their lockring grips. Our supplier is getting them in shortly and we will carry them. They will be 20 dollars.
By patents, I mean it's patented. In other words if we made such an item, we would have to pay them royalties.
Type "330-102" in the search bar of our website and sign up for "in stock notification"; an email will be sent to you when they come into stock.

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