Monday, September 21, 2009


All of you visiting Interbike this year will not see a Milwaukee Bicycle Co. booth. However, you will see a few Bruisers rolling around the show (among other parts). One of those is Hold Fast's Bruiser Demo showing off their incredible foot retention system. Jeremiah will have this available during the demo and each evening after the show. It is also doing dual duty as a demo bike for Fyxation's Session 700 tires, so swing by both Hold Fast's (Booth #4262) and Fyxation's (Booth #3459), check out their stuff and take it for a spin!


CowboyAren said...

Are those the Session 700's in that picture? they look bigger than i thought they would be.

Ben's Cycle said...

The rear is a Session tire. I believe the front is a Specialized.
The Sessions really fill out on wider rims!

CowboyAren said...


is this a custom Grey color? or what? i need a bruiser this grey with a blue fork!!!!! hoookuppps!!!

Let me know.


also, i will be a billboard in Portland oregon for the Bruiser.


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