I Want...

(Fun for four!)

and this...
Via Whoa
(If you don't know what this is, you're too young.)

...but I can realistically have this...
Serfas True 250

With the light dipping out at around 6pm, having visibility on the road is essential. Here's another 250 lumen compact headlight! Serfas is stepping it up and competing with NiteRider in the small-sized-big-light arena. Even though the Serfas is a bit smaller than the Niterider, both are lightweight and shine a whole heck of a lot of light. It also comes in a 150 version too.

Some of us here testing it on some night mountain rides; we'll let you know how it holds up.

Lastly, don't know where you live but it's been above 60 deg here in Milwaukee for the last couple of days when it should be low 50s/high 40s. It's nice that I can still feel my toes after a ride. But when that winter hits...
(Oh I loves you internets.)



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