Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upcoming Event: Riverwest 24hr Bike Race

Post race 2011
In it's 5th consecutive year the Riverwest 24hr bike race is back!  The race starts this Friday the 27th of July at 7pm and ends Saturday at 7pm.  This year's race will have 850 riders, which is about 75 more than last year.  This is easily one of Milwaukee's most anticipated bicycling events of the year with participates traveling from all over the midwest. 

The chart below shows last year's category "A team" winner, the MKE Bike Polo Team, with a final total of 124 points.  The "A team" is comprised of up to 6 people and only 1 bicycle, whereas the "B team" category can be comprised of up to 6 people and the racers can use their own separate bicycles.  For obvious reasons the "A team" field is considerably smaller than the "B team".  Competing in the race with one bicycle and 6 people can cause some difficulties, but the fun of the challenge makes up for it.  Being that I am a past and current member of the MKE Bike Polo 24hr race team I will say good luck to everyone this year and be safe out there! 

**Don't Be A Dummy:  If you are racing and don't have lights on your bike or a helmet for your brain, then PLEASE equip yourself!

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