Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Now Available: Mallet Head Attachment Kit

Stainless Steel Construction for Years of Use
Install / Uninstall Using a Standard Pliers
Crown Nut Threading - 3/8"-16
Flat Head Cap Screw Threading - 1/4"-20 x 1" / 4mm Hex
Requires External/Internal Shaft Threading*
Will Fasten to any UHMW or HDPE Head Available
11 grams (nut and bolt)

(1) Crown Nut
(1) Flat Head Cap Screw

*NOTE: If you decide to thread the exterior of your own shaft - Recommended maximum outer shaft diameter at tip should not to be more than 9.5mm / 0.3737"

Our shafts are for sale at the same price for threaded and non-threaded versions.

See our selection of polo gear including the crown kit here!

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