Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If You Fancy the French...

VO Imports Sealed Cartridge BB

VO Imports Threadless BB

I have seen and passed up many French bikes since I got into all of this. I've had to reluctantly tell customers that their ridiculously pitted Peugeot BB could not be replaced until someone (anyone!) would start to produce French parts. Finally, that someone/anyone exists and their name is Velo-Orange.

They are the maker of some fine randonneuring, touring, and commuting bicycles and products. Amidst their inventory, they are producing French and Threadless Bottom Brackets! We are proud to carry their items. If you decide to purchase a French BB, please make sure that your bike actually has French threads. French and Swiss are very similar but are not compatible. More info in our listings. The threadless BBs are great for damaged or other rare BB threads. It will not, however, work on Italian BBs. Swoop them here!


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