You Fall...Then You Get Back Up

I've been trying to put in a lot of miles this season. Not only because I want to actually be more competitive this year, but I just want to enjoy being outdoors more. This last Saturday I saddled up for a lengthy excursion on my rando bike. It was a windy one and on a descent I lost control of my handlebars and fell on my ass going about 15 mph.

The shock emanated through my body. I hadn't felt that much pain since I was hit and went into a windshield of a car 3 years ago. The bike's fine, I had to re-align the drlr hanger and true both my wheels up. My body took most of the blow.

I'm slowly recovering but as I sit here, I can feel the stress of the fall. Even with all the discomfort, I revel in the fact that it wasn't worse. I'm not posting this for sympathy's sake, but to say that as you get more time on the saddle, I just want urge you all to be careful out there.

As a good friend's told me after the fall...just the price you pay for all that fun you have. A minor set back if you ask me.



Ben's Cycle said…
Ha! Leave it to Russel to deliver a kicker.

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