Monday, April 26, 2010

Ok but really...Be Seen

Kind of a no brainer that you should ride with lights at night. Well, if you need any, we have lots to offer! Here are some new styles that we've collected in the last couple of months...

Portland Design Works Radbot 1000

PDW is a new company but have produced some already amazing products in its time. I like that you need a screwdriver to replace the batteries. It just seems a little more rigid compared to others that require only a push or turn motion to remove them. The rear PDW lights also have an interesting 'blink mode' which you can see on their website under the video tab. Check out all the styles here!
Princeton Tec EOS Light

This is a relatively bright front light, not as bright as say a Nite Rider Mi-Newt, but pretty good for one that uses AAA batteries. I like that it's smaller rather than long and protruding. It also doubles as a light you can wear on your head which maybe useful when your mining for gold (headband included!).

Nitto Lamp Holder 2

So these are some options if you like your bars either uninterrupted or just have a smorgasbord of lights, computers, and bells on deck. The stem cap mount is new from Paul and it is just very slick and light. Nitto Lamp Holder 2 is actually one of our most popular items, I guess there are riders out there that need all that room!

Topeak ALiEN Lux

If you need a rear light and you like aliens, then hey, we got the light for you!

Lights that don't need replaceable batteries! USB and solar options available. What a great idea.

If I haven't nauseated you with lights yet here are more lamp holders, headlights, and taillights!


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Alan Sikirić said...

I can has Tec Eos and Radbot 1000 lights??

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