Friday, November 5, 2010

Antonyo Bike Check

Antonyo dropped by the shop a couple of days ago and it gave me an opportunity to snap some shots of his whip. He tears it up on this thing and it's got all the sweet dents and scrapes to prove it. With all he puts this thing through it's holding up damn well. There is something to say about a bike that is well kept. But, for me, bikes are supposed to ridden and not pampered.

We still have some of the old Burro Premium Straps which are being changed with their new Chronic straps. They are constructed a bit differently with improvements that anyone can appreciate. Swoop them up!

Antonyo only has good things to say about his Continental Top Contact 26x1.95 tires. He claims that he has never blown a sidewall out on them. The top contact series is part of the elite group of tires that Continental still makes in their home country of Germany. With the use of carefully picked materials and a sturdy construction, these tires will not only ride well but last you a long time.

Tire Clearance

Frame/Fork: Milwaukee Bruiser M
Handlebars: Breakbrake17
Grips: Milwaukee
Stem: Odyssey V3
Headset: Cane Creek S3
Crank: Profile Racing
Sprocket: Tree
Pedals: Animal
Toe Straps: Burro Chronic (New!)
Hubs: Profile
Rims: Sun MTX 33 26”
Saddle: Animal
Tires: Continental Top Contact 26x1.95

There are so many things about this bike that I love; from the parts to the wear and tear. It helps that it's being ridden by such a swell dude. I'm glad you're enjoying the bike!



Ruffian said...

Hey, those are Breakbrake17 bars. Just sayin'...

Ben's Cycle said...

Done, whoops got those mixed up.

DocMpls said...

Sick bike with a rad owner. I had the chance to ride with Antonyo a bunch when he was in town for the All City comp this summer. I love this bike! I ride a dropout and love it, but I might have to build a Bruiser this winter after riding this thing around a bit!

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