MKE Bike Polo - Lexington, KY

Photo by Kevin Walsh

A little bit late on this but still good reason to post it. Ben's boys Kremin and Matt slaying it in Lexington! Brian, Jake, Guthrie, and Zach making us proud as well! Keep on keepin' on.

Lexington, KY - 1st Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament

1st place: IDK (Kremin-Milwaukee, Lefty Joe – Chicago, Jonny Hunter – Madison)

2nd place: Hunter’s Heros (Brian Dillman -Milwaukee, Ben Hunter – Madison, Ben Schultz – Chicago)

3rd place: Wardens (Zack Rueter-Milwaukee, Capt. Jake Newborn -Milwaukee, Matt Hewitt – Milwaukee)

4th place: Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau (Guthrie -Milwaukee, Kev – TO, Ngaihon – TO)

More at MKEBKE.



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