Friday, November 5, 2010

Do What You Love

For many of us here at Ben's, it's riding our bikes. For some of us, it's specifically mountain biking. Jim, Eric (congrats on another bike polo victory in Austin!) and I rode out to the Cudahy trails that butted up against Lake Michigan (well, first a deep ravine, a beach, then the lake). With a mix of risk, exploration, and an immense intentness on our safety, we blazed through trails rarely trodden in hopes to find another great place to do some cross-country trail riding.

With winter approaching, light didn't creep up until 730am. There's nothing like riding next to a 30 foot drop in the dark. Eric tested his Serfas True 250 this morning and it performed quite well. He mounted it on his helmet and was able to maneuver around without any problems. This thing is light, charges with a USB port, and sheds a ton of light!

I've been trying out a Light and Motion Stella 200. It's my first endeavor into rechargeable 'big' lights and I am impressed. It too is very light, charges fast, durable, and a big plus for me, it's waterproof! We'll be carrying their line soon so keep an eye out for them. They are a bit pricey but honestly, they might be the last lights that you purchase.

I think these were made by aliens...or a drunk person.

This is my ZR Cycles (unfortunately he doesn't build frames anymore) lugged 650B couplered mountain bike. If you have any questions on 650B type things, I think I can answer some if not most them. I like the wheel size but even though tires are available, it's still slim pickings compared to it's smaller brother. I'm also going to race on a 29er next year, I'm sure I'll love that size too!

Waves were heavy this morning. It's worth it to wake up early to witness things like this.

Jim and Eric enjoying every freezing second.

Long way down.

Jim and I ride the same size frames. Not the best angle for comparison but here is my 650b next to Jim's 29er.

In the end, it was a frigid 30 mile morning. Found about 6 miles of awesome trails (we rode to the trails and did them twice), hit a 15 deg 20mph headwind, rode through the dark and light, and it wasn't even 9am. It was a good day. If anyone wants to join us on any 6am winter mountain bike rides, we are always down!


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