Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Uncovered: Sun Venus Limited Edition Camo Rims

  You're looking at the last available limited edition Sun Ringle Venus Camo rims, which were recently uncovered in our warehouse.  These rims are extremely strong and their aerodynamic shape are perfect for your track bike wheels, training wheels or every day commuter wheel.
   I can attest these rims are legit and well worth it as I've been using my set for a good portion of the summer riding on gravel trails, single track and pavement.
  Get them while they last only here!

  • Size: 622mm
  • E.R.D.: 589
  • Weight: 440g
  • Hole Count: 32
  • Height: 25.1mm
  • Width: 19.3mm
  • 1 comment:

    Ogalls said...

    You probably have more then we do at the sun warehouse. Which is about 8 of them left!

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