Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sneak Peak: Milwaukee Bike Co. CycloCross Disc

We're happy to unveil our prototype OX Platinum Cyclocross disc frame set that came back from paint the other day.

The changes you'll see on the production version you don't see in the photo above are:
  • 900g Unicrown triple butted cromoly fork.
  • Cable stops on down tube instead of shifter bosses.
Keep your eyes peels for new developments in the coming weeks.  These puppies will be available early next month!


Anonymous said...

how much tire clearance?

Anonymous said...

130 or 135mm rearend?

Matt said...

Tire clearance: up to 37c

Rear axle spacing: 135mm

Anonymous said...

How is the geometry? Racy, relaxed, or a mix of the two?

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