Monday, August 6, 2012

New Products In Stock: 2013 Light & Motion Lighting

New models for Light & Motion's bicycle lights are in now stock here.  Pictured above are the Urban lights that come in 200, 400 and 550 lumens.  Light & Motion not only make lights for cycling, but other demanding outdoor sports such as diving and hiking/backpacking.  There are a ton of bicycle light manufacturers and they're making brighter and brighter lights for less money, but the number of lighting companies that make a fully waterproof light system and stand behind it, like Light & Motion does, is not so common.  I often say, "if it isn't waterproof I won't buy it", when it comes to gear and accessories, and for good reasons too.
Another advantage Light & Motion has on most others in the lighting market is that they actually guarantee their lights are lumen accurate, whereas other companies are often lower than what is advertised.  The reason they can guarantee accurate lumens is because that they actually test and certify their own lights in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standards, which is above and beyond most other brands.

See our current stock here!

Check out other information and documentation on L&M's full line below.  If you see something we don't carry, we'll get it! Be seen and be safe out on the trails and streets!

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