Friday, July 31, 2009

Bruiser AM Fork and YOUR Frame

Want to know how you can get 20% off your next purchase?

If you purchased a Bruiser aftermarket fork, email a picture of it turned backward on your bike to illustrate the bar-spin tire clearance and we'll email you a coupon code for 20% your next purchase from the webstore.

We will post these entries in our Bruiser AM Fork section and our new flickr page.

The fine print:
  • only applies to Bruiser forks
  • only applies to Bruiser forks installed on any frame but a Bruiser frame (unlike the picture above)
  • must include:
  1. a clear, comprehensible picture of your wheel turned backward so the tire clearance is visually perceptible (i.e. see above)
  2. frame make
  3. frame model
  4. frame size
  5. tire make
  6. tire model
  7. tire size (i.e. 700x28c)
  • By submitting your image you give Ben's Cycle the right to publish your image electronically or otherwise.
  • You must meet all the above criteria in order to receive a coupon.
  • Coupon for parts only; no complete bikes or framesets
  • email all entries to

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bolt on Cogs?

We've been seeing pretty nice sales of the VeloSolo cogs we brought in a couple months ago. We think they're great, you need far fewer tools to switch gearing, stripped threads are a thing of the past, and with a standard 6 bolt interface there are a ton of hubs available with just some small modifications. However, before we order a bunch of hubs and start modifying them we would like to know if there is some demand for it. So, I think I figured out how to put a poll on the blog, just let us know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any comments/suggestions.

p.s. If anyone is interested in the already modified XT pictured above just give us a call ($75 hub only).

Milwaukee Embroidered Caps - NOW AVAILABLE

NEW! Milwaukee Baseball Caps
(Full Size Visor Coming Soon....)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Urban Velo #14

Our good friends over at Urban Velo just sent us a few copies of their new issue. We will be sending out a copy to 1 lucky order per day for the next 10 days. Sorry, no requests, it will be a completely random selection. If you're in Milwaukee, stop by, we've got a couple extra copies.

Prolly / Ed Glazer

Man, you get these two together and fantastic things happen.

TREE LITE Sprockets in Stock

Nice product from the great guys over at Tree! Thick US made sprocket from 7075 T6 aluminum. Take a look at the I-beam spines and you can see the amount of machining that went into each of these.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Riverwest 24 Hour Urban Race!

RW24 Trailer from Riverwest 24 on Vimeo.

Friday-Saturday July 24-25, 2009 7pm

The second annual RW24 is primed to kick off in about a week. This urban 24 hour bike race drew around 190 participants last year when only 15 pre-registered! Pre-registration this year?....200 so far and there is a week to go!

With 4 race classes available (Solo, tandem, and two multiple rider classes), you don't have to be a racer to join in; there is room for anyone and everyone to contend in this community based affair.

Don't feel up to riding but would love to be a part of this neighborhood event? Come on down, cop a spot and cheer the riders on or even better yet, be a volunteer!

Need to know more? check out the RW24 site and get out there!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

John Prolly / Peel Sessions in the NYTimes

Raymond McCrea Jones/The New York Times

Read the full story here and here!

Pretty amazing how far this sport has come in such a short amount of time. Way to go John and all of you out there keeping it fixed; congratulations!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bruiser Frames & Forks Here!

First 5 orders are going to paint today! As was stated here...

Now, I will be working as fast as I can to get these out to all of you as FAST as I can. Please remember though, the frames still need to be painted, so that means PRE-ORDER frames will go to the painter in the order that the PRE-ORDER was recieved.

Just to clarify, the Milwaukee Bicycle Co. is not a mega-corporation, it is basically myself and a few others coordinating the orders with the painter, packing and shipping. I PROMISE that I will be working non-stop with the BRUISERS until they are out to all of you.

To put delivery time for YOUR order in perspective, please read below.

1. I will start from the beginning with PRE-ORDER #1

2. Frames (to be painted) will be labeled and given to our painter.
(All GUNKOTE frames will be sent out to GUNKOTE in the order they were recieved)

3. Expect 3-5 framesets to go to the painter at a time, and expect AT LEAST 3-5 working days for me to get them back.

I will let you all know as SOON as the frames get here so you can follow the above timeline to get a general idea of when to expect your BRUISER.

Thanks for your patience, it will be worth the wait.....

As the framesets are completed, they will be checked off (see below)

For Example:
Pre-Order #1 = Invoice #66548 (this order is ready to ship)
Pre-Order #2 = Invoice #66877 (this order is not finished)

PLEASE do NOT call the shop everyday looking for status on your order, i will post ALL the information you need on this page.


AFTERMARKET FORKS are also here! If you ordered one in black and chose UPS they just shipped out, you should be receiving tracking info later this evening. Those of you who ordered black and chose USPS Priority Mail; our daily pick-up was earlier this morning, so yours will go out on Monday.
Custom painted forks will go out for paint Monday and will ship as soon as the painter gets them back to us; expect 10-14 business days before shipment as stated here.

Also, any black Bruiser aftermarket fork purchase will ship right away!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fyxation's NEW Session 700 Tire - Update

Black is due to arrive on Thursday! All other colors within 3-4 weeks. They are available for pre-order and will ship on Thursday or Friday, as long as the UPS shipment goes as scheduled.

Friday, July 3, 2009

HOLD FAST Foot Retention System

I think that Jeremiah/Hold Fast says it best...

"We believe these to be the finest foot straps made for urban street riding. Hand made in Brooklyn, they offer superior comfort and adjustability no matter what type of shoe you ride in. Whether you are a die-hard fixed gear rider seeking a long lasting alternative to toe-clips, a hardcore bicycle polo player who wants a more protective toe strap, a trick rider seeking greater confidence, or a casual commuter seeking maximum adjustability and comfort...these are the straps for you."

Check out their online store to snag a pair for yourself.

I would think in the future they will be available from your local dealers. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You have to love summer!

So many events, so little time. Luckily this one happens on the 2nd Friday of every month. If you are going to be in the Seattle area, this one proves to be a great time. Check out some past pics here.

ALSO, if you happen to be in the Seattle area this holiday weekend; here is another event you can not miss. I managed to attend last year and highly recommend it. What else would a Milwaukeean do on vacation?!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Single Speed

Over the last few years, biking to work and for leisure has become an important lifestyle for many people in Milwaukee and Madison, Wis...