Saturday, November 27, 2010

MKE Bike Polo - Lexington, KY

Photo by Kevin Walsh

A little bit late on this but still good reason to post it. Ben's boys Kremin and Matt slaying it in Lexington! Brian, Jake, Guthrie, and Zach making us proud as well! Keep on keepin' on.

Lexington, KY - 1st Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament

1st place: IDK (Kremin-Milwaukee, Lefty Joe – Chicago, Jonny Hunter – Madison)

2nd place: Hunter’s Heros (Brian Dillman -Milwaukee, Ben Hunter – Madison, Ben Schultz – Chicago)

3rd place: Wardens (Zack Rueter-Milwaukee, Capt. Jake Newborn -Milwaukee, Matt Hewitt – Milwaukee)

4th place: Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau (Guthrie -Milwaukee, Kev – TO, Ngaihon – TO)

More at MKEBKE.


Friday, November 26, 2010

If You're Going to Celebrate Christmas...


...please celebrate it with Slayer.


Cold Snap

Well there you have it, winter has finally struck Milwaukee. Regardless if you are like me and likes the snow/cold or are weary of the low temps, it's time to bundle up. Here are some jackets that I think will help battle winter's grip...

Pretty excited about a new line of clothing that we just picked up; Endura has been at the clothing game for a couple of years now. I've owned a couple of their pieces and have to say they are some of my favorites. I can tell that through the years they have only improved on their line. Each jacket has unique details that are not found in others.

Endura Convert II

This is a great waterproof jacket with 360 deg of reflective stripes. The sleeves can be unzipped but not all the way so you don't lose them. Their is a convenient pocket in the back to slip them in.


Endura Luminite Jacket

This jacket is made to take on a lot of wind and water. There's also a small rear light on the back!


We have a pretty good selection of hoodies/jackets and jackets/vests from Gore, Craft, Endura, Swrve, Showers Pass, and Chrome, but what do you wear under? My suggestion is wool. Wool breathes very well and keeps the warmth in. Since it breathes so well, it drys a lot quicker and prevents odor better than cotton or synthetic. I've really liked the Endura BaaBaa baselayer for all riding conditions. It's great under your jersey as well as your commuter clothes.

Here's a thicker zip-up from Swrve. It's great under a windproof jacket but works and looks great as an outer layer! It also has two pockets in the back like a cycling jersey.


With Kevin Sparrow, one of the many hardworking couriers in Milwaukee, giving inspiration to this jacket, you know the Milwaukee ES was made with year-round riders in mind. This newly redesigned jacket is light, keeps you toasty, and has all the bells in whistles to keep you comfortable as you bomb the streets.

Showers Pass Hybrid Jacket

Here's another great company with great products, Showers Pass not only makes clothes functional, they make them with style. Originating from the very rainy Portland, this company knows a thing or two about keeping you dry and looking good.

Now that's a lot to choose from. If you're local and in the market for some new threads, roll on down and try some on. If you don't in these neck of the woods, give us a call, we'll be happy to answer your questions!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun with Bruisers

Via Prolly

Leave it to CMWD to take it to the next level. Boom, Bruiser Tall Bike! More from John.

More skidding, not a Bruiser but always a classic!


Tiny Wheels for a Giant

I used to follow the NBA religiously when I was a kid and even though I never did see Bill Walton play, he was a frequent commentator next to Bob Costas. I recently read an article in Bicycling about Bill Walton and how he's been a dedicated rider for years. Pretty cool to see an NBA great on a track bike. Them 700c wheels look like toys!

Via MassanSF


Monday, November 22, 2010

New Milwaukee Road Bike!

We have had more and more requests for our Milwaukee Orange One with geared drop outs that it was time to follow through for our customers.

We worked with Waterford Precision Cycles to create a frame that would ride as well as our original Orange One. When we starting talking about it, I came to the conclusion that there was only one right answer...don't change a thing! Same True Temper Verus tubing, frame geometry and sizing; but with the cable stops, Tom Ritchey dropouts and 130mm rear spacing, all for around $600. As with all of our frame purchases; you'll receive 20% off all build parts to get it rolling

There's plenty of room for 28c tires and you'll still have space left over (pic) for 35mm fenders. If you went with the optional cantilever bosses for cycloX, a big 32c nobby will fit just fine (even a narrow 35c).

Keep and eye out right here for more info coming soon!

I Like It

I will always view the bicycle as a utilitarian tool and when a product only facilitates that idea, it gives me reason to like it. So I introduce to you the Chrome Boris Backpack (available in Navy/White too).

Simple, clean lines.


My favorite part; opens up like a suitcase! Oh I know everyone has had to swim in their messenger bag or backpack to find that last beer or cell phone or what have yous.

Nothing fancy. No crazy bells and whistles. Just a functional and easy to use bag. Done.


TREATED - Antonyo Wothe

TREATED from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

Love watching Antonyo ride.

John says it all in 5 words... "Bike control, creativity and pegless."

Well done.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be sure 'n tell 'em, LARGE MARGE sent ya!

Everyone knows that riding in the snow can be one of the most enjoyable activities. All bundled up, the crisp air searing your lungs; not to mention the blissful sound of the crunching powder beneath your tires.
If you are one of those snow goers, we have a few items that may be of interest. Surly's Pugley is sure to get you through the white fluff and we carry all the necessary goods to get one running for you; including the mothership herself...don't forget the beef.
We also have a good range of studded tires for your daily ride; but they are moving pretty fast. So if the ones you are looking for are out of stock, fear not, we'll have them back in stock shortly. You can always hit the "In-Stock Notification" button at the bottom of every product page and we'll shoot you an email when we get them back in.

Phil Wood Custom Pt.2

Phil Wood comes through once again. Track spacing, over-sized flanges, ISO single sided fixed and extra machining in the flanges. T.R. is really going to go crazy when he gets his eyes/hands on these hubs!

Do Yourself a Favor....

...and get these socks. I'm not one to demand a sale, but seriously, buy these.

I've been using the Swiftwick Four Merino Crew Socks everyday during these fall/early winter weeks and I feel naked without them. They are perfect for mountain biking and commuting at above 35 deg dry conditions without any shoe covers or boots. Since the sock is thicker and is made with a mix of merino wool, they have been the best wicking and insulating socks that I've owned. Everyone that has tried them says the same thing!

More items here and here. Swiftwick sells great products and they're made in the USA!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cinelli MASH

We just replenished our stock of both green and grey Cinelli Mash frames. My Cinelli rep says that the grey version will not be available for 2011 so get them while you can! They will continue with the green as well as release the new 'histogram' frame (pictured below) around March. The new version will have a slightly more aggressive geometry and is priced at $1000 while the green will be unchanged and offered at $850.

Definitely on my birthday wish list.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Milwaukee Is Steppin It Up

After a bit of morning single-track out on the Tosa Trails, I decided to bop on down through the Hank Aaron Trail to check if the new bridge was up and running. Lo and behold, it was complete. The Valley Passage is now open!

This leads west and continues past 84th st.

Freshly painted.

This maybe the cleanest piece of Milwaukee Bike path that I've seen.

I don't know about you but this make me really really excited. This is a great alternative for commuters and recreational riders.

From Hoyt Park in Wauwatosa, the Hank Aaron trail bypasses me from 43rd to 6th st. without crossing a single stoplight. Apparently, there is also a new trail that goes west of this Valley Passage and takes you beyond 84th St. Their is also talk of construction to push the path further west to 124th st where it will intersect with the Oak Leaf Trail, but I'm not completely sure on that. Imagine 120 blocks without riding next to a car!

Another thing that Milwaukee can pride themselves on (other than all the great beer we have) are all the wonderful parks that are available. I hope with the shift in our political climate that preserving these parks and trails will continue to be a priority. If you use the Greenway River Trail on the East side of Milwaukee, take this survey. I know a lot of people ride their bikes, fish, and walk their dogs down there. It's a really beautiful part of our city and any effort to preserve, clean it, and make it safe for the users would have my vote.

There's nothing like exploring or commuting by bike. Hopefully all these improvements in our cycling infrastructure can benefit the people, businesses, and local bike shops of this great city.

These are exciting times to be a bike rider in Milwaukee. Now go out and ride!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Cranksgiving Milwaukee - 11-6-10

It's a great race and it's for a good cause. Details here!


Do What You Love

For many of us here at Ben's, it's riding our bikes. For some of us, it's specifically mountain biking. Jim, Eric (congrats on another bike polo victory in Austin!) and I rode out to the Cudahy trails that butted up against Lake Michigan (well, first a deep ravine, a beach, then the lake). With a mix of risk, exploration, and an immense intentness on our safety, we blazed through trails rarely trodden in hopes to find another great place to do some cross-country trail riding.

With winter approaching, light didn't creep up until 730am. There's nothing like riding next to a 30 foot drop in the dark. Eric tested his Serfas True 250 this morning and it performed quite well. He mounted it on his helmet and was able to maneuver around without any problems. This thing is light, charges with a USB port, and sheds a ton of light!

I've been trying out a Light and Motion Stella 200. It's my first endeavor into rechargeable 'big' lights and I am impressed. It too is very light, charges fast, durable, and a big plus for me, it's waterproof! We'll be carrying their line soon so keep an eye out for them. They are a bit pricey but honestly, they might be the last lights that you purchase.

I think these were made by aliens...or a drunk person.

This is my ZR Cycles (unfortunately he doesn't build frames anymore) lugged 650B couplered mountain bike. If you have any questions on 650B type things, I think I can answer some if not most them. I like the wheel size but even though tires are available, it's still slim pickings compared to it's smaller brother. I'm also going to race on a 29er next year, I'm sure I'll love that size too!

Waves were heavy this morning. It's worth it to wake up early to witness things like this.

Jim and Eric enjoying every freezing second.

Long way down.

Jim and I ride the same size frames. Not the best angle for comparison but here is my 650b next to Jim's 29er.

In the end, it was a frigid 30 mile morning. Found about 6 miles of awesome trails (we rode to the trails and did them twice), hit a 15 deg 20mph headwind, rode through the dark and light, and it wasn't even 9am. It was a good day. If anyone wants to join us on any 6am winter mountain bike rides, we are always down!


Antonyo Bike Check

Antonyo dropped by the shop a couple of days ago and it gave me an opportunity to snap some shots of his whip. He tears it up on this thing and it's got all the sweet dents and scrapes to prove it. With all he puts this thing through it's holding up damn well. There is something to say about a bike that is well kept. But, for me, bikes are supposed to ridden and not pampered.

We still have some of the old Burro Premium Straps which are being changed with their new Chronic straps. They are constructed a bit differently with improvements that anyone can appreciate. Swoop them up!

Antonyo only has good things to say about his Continental Top Contact 26x1.95 tires. He claims that he has never blown a sidewall out on them. The top contact series is part of the elite group of tires that Continental still makes in their home country of Germany. With the use of carefully picked materials and a sturdy construction, these tires will not only ride well but last you a long time.

Tire Clearance

Frame/Fork: Milwaukee Bruiser M
Handlebars: Breakbrake17
Grips: Milwaukee
Stem: Odyssey V3
Headset: Cane Creek S3
Crank: Profile Racing
Sprocket: Tree
Pedals: Animal
Toe Straps: Burro Chronic (New!)
Hubs: Profile
Rims: Sun MTX 33 26”
Saddle: Animal
Tires: Continental Top Contact 26x1.95

There are so many things about this bike that I love; from the parts to the wear and tear. It helps that it's being ridden by such a swell dude. I'm glad you're enjoying the bike!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Resist Relapse Cranks

Resist is another off-shoot under the illustrious Demolition/Volume umbrella. These will be replacing the Demolition Medial 2.0 cranks. They were structurally reinforced to withstand more abuse. We got them in Black, White, Chrome, and Blue. All are available in 165 and 160mm! More to come from Resist...


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Globe in Milwaukee

Ha! I forgot about this; a couple of months ago Globe came down to our neck of the woods and took some product shots of Ben's employees on their commuter bikes. We had a blast during the shoot! You'll catch a Milwaukee Bicycle t-shirt in there and a view of Palominos. It's pretty much worth it to come to Milwaukee just for their food. Some of the greasiest/greatest vegan food I've ever had.

We carry Globe and a big chunk of the Specialized line in our brick and mortar stores, so come through and check them out! Thanks to Garrett, Kathryn, and Chris for the great hangouts. Hope you all loved Milwaukee enough to come back!


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