Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wow, Milwaukee has had some gorgeous weather this week. So much so that I burnt myself out on mountain biking. So I took a break today from the heavy mileage and just enjoyed my commute into work. Sunny, breezy, 64 deg splendor. Ah, that's why I ride a bike! Here's a shot from our lake front/art museum.

As with the change of the season, we too have done a bit of transforming. We've moved the website around to streamline navigation. Still carrying the same great products, just easier moving from item to item. More changes to come and as always, more exciting new products. Now go and get on your bike!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

America for the Win

Even though the Ben's Cycle Webstore has only been in existence for a couple of years, the brick and mortar shop has been around for decades. It has been owned by the same family spanning three generations. Once you have a shop for that long, you find some interesting things tucked away in storage.

Here's a little treat from 1962.

These cut-out hubs were used at the Schwinn school to teach mechanics how they work. We have all sorts of Sturmey Archer AW and AWC hubs as well as Shimano's take on the 3-speed. Here's a Bendix two-speed kickback. Glad to know someone is reissuing these types of hubs!

Since I'm dipping into a bit of history...

Ben's Cycle Circa 1950's
(check out the Racoon hats hanging on the wall)

Ben's Cycle Today

Come pay us a visit!


AJ Austin for the Win

Fall Mini from AJ Austin on Vimeo.

AJ's keepin' it real.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CMWC 2010 Male Champ Wins on a Milwaukee!

Photo Via Velo News by Connor Boals

Seattle Messenger/Cross racer Craig Etheridge wins the 2010 CMWC on our very own Milwaukee Orange One! Pretty sweet, read the full story here. In the article you'll read how some messengers went out to lend a hand to the people of Panajachel. There are disasters constantly occurring around the world and it's great to hear that people will take the time and effort to help others in need. In any case, Congrats Craig!


Fyxation 700x23c

We are now carrying Fyxations in 700x23c! In the same variety of colors as the 28s, swoop them up here!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday

Photo Via Bmore Fixed

Christina again doing what she does so well. Nailin' some bar hops on our Bruiser!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mtn/Road Ride with the Ben's Crew

Well, hope you all had a great long weekend. I spent one of those days riding out to the Crystal Ridge trails and back. Hit the road at 530 am (yeah, it was still dark out) and met up with Jim, Eric, Mike, and the boss-man himself, Vince (pictures below to validate his presence).

Awake at 4:45 am, met up with Jim at 5:30am

Swooped up Eric on the way to Tosa

Jim, Eric, Vince, and Mike - 15 miles to the trails

Top of Crystal Ridge



55 miles on the computer at a good pace (9 miles on the trail), Jim marked a top speed of 38 mph. That's pretty good with fatty 2.2 tires! The ride was very enjoyable with the good company. Ah, it was a great morning and back in time for lunch. Going to keep on doing this loop, too much fun not to. Keep on ridin' (that is whatever you ride)!


New Milwaukee Chrome Bags!

Bam! All black Chrome bags with light gray Milwaukee Embroidery in Metropolis and Citizen. Limited quantities so get them while you can!


Friday, September 3, 2010

That Time of Year

Ahhh, tis a chilli one today. It's an indication of the fall season coming up. Even though fall precedes the inevitable cold of winter, it is still my favorite season. Long rides with a hoodie, hot toddies in our mugs, and of course Cyclocross. So we're stocking up on some essential items for your cross build. Check them out!

Sram Apex Shifters

Sram Apex Short and Medium Drlr
Sram S500 Left Brake Lever
FSA SL-X Black and Silver Canti Brakes

More to come but for now, hope you all have a great labor day weekend!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big News!

...or cat

Some great things of new and old are coming to Ben's. Mission Workshop and MBC are pretty stoked with the response to the Rondels! They just shipped us a big order (including some 47s) and should arrive sometime next week, so keep an eye out for them.
Franklin has finally replenished their stock of non-AGS Super High Density Ball. Shipped this week as well and should be on our shelves soon!

Photo Via One Happy Cog

We are getting a full 700c style run of Honjo fenders in! I feel fenders are always a nice touch to a bike as seen on One Happy Cog's tricked out Steamroller (geeking over this setup btw). To prevent myself from rambling on about how there needs to be more classy bikes on the road, I'm just going to stop and say if you ever feel like you need to add some class to your ride, these fenders will do the trick!


That 25% chance of precipitation turned to a definite 100% on my morning commute today. Luckily I finally bucked up and got some Shower Pass Storm Pants and a Shower Pass Waterproof Jacket. I arrived at work dry and with a smile on my face, I do not fear the rain anymore! The storm pants are very lightweight and fold up into a convenient pouch. With a $59.99 price tag, you can't go wrong!

I know it's still 80 deg out here in Milwaukee, but fall/winter does creep up pretty soon. We're stocking up on Chrome, Gore, and Swrve products. Check out all the variety in our clothing section.

Here are some some new items...
Gore Phantom Windstopper Jacket

Chrome Cobra Merino Hoodie

Showers Pass Portland Jacket

We have new apparel coming in soon so be sure to check them out in our New Products section. Swoop up some layers, you'll need them as you heckle your friends at those cross races (that is if you're not racing)! That cow bell is not going to ring itself.


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