Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twitter Bruiser Giveaway Contest!

Would you like a Bruiser?

Our first ever twitter contest to start this spring 2010 off with a bang. We are offering a brand new Matte Black ECO Bruiser Build*. Winner will have his/her choice of size.

*No parts or color substitutions, unless purchased separately.

How do I enter?
To enter you need to do the following…

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Tweet the following message…
    Just entered to win the Milwaukee Bruiser. You can win by following @MilwaukeeBikeCo and retweet.

The winner will be announced at the end of May or if I hit 2,500 followers. Which ever comes first.

Good luck to all those that enter and happy tweeting.

*Don't forget you have to follow AND retweet!

**Sorry, this is a Twitter only contest.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Just In!

Thanks to Kevin @ Cog Mag for letting the "chicken" out of the bag regarding our new team rider!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sized Right

Via You The Whoa

A sweet new way to size yer bike.
I have a Blackberry, I guess I'm doomed.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Ok but really...Be Seen

Kind of a no brainer that you should ride with lights at night. Well, if you need any, we have lots to offer! Here are some new styles that we've collected in the last couple of months...

Portland Design Works Radbot 1000

PDW is a new company but have produced some already amazing products in its time. I like that you need a screwdriver to replace the batteries. It just seems a little more rigid compared to others that require only a push or turn motion to remove them. The rear PDW lights also have an interesting 'blink mode' which you can see on their website under the video tab. Check out all the styles here!
Princeton Tec EOS Light

This is a relatively bright front light, not as bright as say a Nite Rider Mi-Newt, but pretty good for one that uses AAA batteries. I like that it's smaller rather than long and protruding. It also doubles as a light you can wear on your head which maybe useful when your mining for gold (headband included!).

Nitto Lamp Holder 2

So these are some options if you like your bars either uninterrupted or just have a smorgasbord of lights, computers, and bells on deck. The stem cap mount is new from Paul and it is just very slick and light. Nitto Lamp Holder 2 is actually one of our most popular items, I guess there are riders out there that need all that room!

Topeak ALiEN Lux

If you need a rear light and you like aliens, then hey, we got the light for you!

Lights that don't need replaceable batteries! USB and solar options available. What a great idea.

If I haven't nauseated you with lights yet here are more lamp holders, headlights, and taillights!


Be Scene

Bam! That just happened.


Sun Venus 700c Rims

So we have them big rims (here and here) for you kids that fly off 12 step staircases as well as a barrage of vibrant Deep Vs (here and here) and B43s (here). However, we also carry the more subtle style if that is your preferred palette.

We just got some new Sun Venus 700c 32h clinchers in. They have the V-ness of a Velocity Fusion with the added bonus of eyelets. So for you next commuter or road build up, check these rims out!


So Many Flavors!

It's hard to decide on a frame color when we can choose anything in the world. I originally wanted black for my Trek 930 but went with raw clear gun-coat from our buddies over at KG Coatings. So excited to build it up and get some miles in! Too bad it rained all weekend.

and then there's...

...Dragons! This one is from our wet painter Neil. I want a shark with lazers on my next frame.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

G Sport Spoke Guard

Boom! Grind away and not tear up your spokes. Antonyo recommended it and now we have it in stock! More exclamation marks!

Antonyo's Ride!


Sharp Objects and Break Dancing

Profile 36t Black Chainring!

...and speaking of things that look like weapons...

Jim's KG Gun Coated Camo Redline 29er Frame

You can get this option on your Milwaukee Frame too!

...and speaking of things that are awesome...

Predators Break Dancing

1:38 - that's where it's real good


Milwaukee Jackets

Who doesn't have a pair of Dickies pants? Well, here's our Milwaukee embroidered jackets to match them up with. Perfect for our 40 deg weather we're having. Oh Wisconsin, with your deceptive seasons!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maxxis Aspen 29x2.1

There were so many requests for this tire that I decided to sell it in our stock. They seem to be sold out everywhere else so swoop 'em up real quick! 120 TPI at 530g! This thing is light.


Ben's Cycle - Shop Bikes

Dave's Ellis Road Bike

Dave is the sole builder for Ellis Cycles and when he's not brazing away at some ridiculously amazing frame, he wrenches here a couple of days a week. He is an all round swell dude and I look forward when he rides one of his bikes in so I can drool all day. Damn, this thing is mint! Ok, I'm gonna stop writing. These pictures speak for themselves.

Also, congrats again to Dave for winning best in show at NAHBS!

Yeah, he polished his cranks.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Urban Velo Reviews MKE Grips

The good dudes over at Urban Velo did a little write up on our MKE Grips. Article here!


C'mon and Get Some Tires!

As much as we are a purveyor of Ribmos and Randonneurs, we do also carry a large selection of Continental tires. They are well known for their Ultra Gatorskins and higher end road tires like the GP 4000. If you didn't know, Continental also have an impressive array of Mountain and Urban/Commuting Tires.

Now that a lot of trick riders are rocking fatter tires, we have some new big ones in!

Travel Contacts in 700x37 and 26x1.75

Top Contacts in many sizes

The Top Contacts are Continental's high end urban tire. They are still made in Germany and just by looking at the construction you can tell that it is great quality. I think these are just some good looking tires. I did a little testing and got some measurements for all ya'll...

On a 700c Velocity Chukker:
Top Contact 700x42 -- 37mm wide
Top Contact 700x47 -- 42.5mm wide
Travel Contact 700x37 -- 33.5mm wide

On a 26" Velocity Chukker:
Top Contact 26x1.9 -- 46mm wide

We even have some City Rides in 700x47 and City Contacts in 700x52 (sorry, don't have measurements for these, but they are closer to the labeled size). In general, Continental makes a wide selection of tires and I'm sure we have a tire that will suite your needs. Check them out!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Rad Scoot

I predict this will be super cool in about 4 years. So go join the rad scoot and be rad....and revolt...or something.


Kid in A Candy Store

I've hinted at it before but if ya didn't know, busy season is in full swing. We've been busy getting some more new items to you all such as this sizable shipment of sweet sweet BMX products! New bits and pieces from Colony, Primo, and Integral. More on these soon...keep an eye out for them!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trees & Tires

We got a whole mess o Tree Sprockets in! Many a thanks to Sam at Tree, he treats us well and we are eternally greatful.

Vittoria Randonneur Cross 26x1.75 Tires

For those with 26" wheels, we got some Rando Cross Tires in 26x1.75 in. We have also added the 700x28c Rando Cross Tires to our arsenal. Yup, and now for something that has nothing to do with bikes.

From HighDef

Went Mtn biking this morning so a bit tired. Going to veg in front of a movie tonight. 70 deg this week. Oh sweet Springtime, go on git some good ridin' in!


More from Bicycle Retailer

MKE Bike Polo Head/Shaft Kit

Our boy and bike polo connoisseur Eric Kremin talks about some MKE bike polo products in a little Bicycle Retailer excerpt. Sweet!


Monday, April 12, 2010

I Think We Have Some Pedals...

White Industries Urban Platform Pedals

So we've come to a point, like our saddles, that it got harder to compartmentalize our pedal/toe clip/strap inventory. So we gave them their own category. You can still access it through the road bike or fixed gear tab, but it will just redirect you to the new category. Check them out!

Affix Free and Fix Hub

We got some in! I posted about these a couple of weeks ago and now we go a couple of hubs available. Go on and get 'em here!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The H8t Ran Deep

So this weekend was the H8tr 100, for those of you who don't know what the heck that is, it's an annual 100k ride/race on unpaved trails from Madison to Basco and back. Many a Wisconsinites and Chicago-ans showed up for some fine friendly competition. The energy was positive with just a tinge of unease of the flat gravel terrain ahead. To many, this was the first hard ride of the year. To others, it will set the pace for the many races to come.

Something about this race that just sparks something inside. Maybe it's the winter dormancy that made us forget how much it hurts to push our own limits. Maybe it's the Spring air that feels so good in our lungs. Maybe it's the beer at the finish line, whatever it is; no matter how much it hurt, you end up wanting more. Thanks to Djonn for setting it up and all the companies for the schweet schwag. It was great to see so many friends enjoy riding together!

Props to the Curtes bros, after a winter of injuries they still came out and slaughtered the course!

Pretty in Pink - Team Pegasus


Ya like my extra water bottle mount? Figures that I'm the only one with a porteur rack.

...and super posi music for yer Monday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If You Fancy the French...

VO Imports Sealed Cartridge BB

VO Imports Threadless BB

I have seen and passed up many French bikes since I got into all of this. I've had to reluctantly tell customers that their ridiculously pitted Peugeot BB could not be replaced until someone (anyone!) would start to produce French parts. Finally, that someone/anyone exists and their name is Velo-Orange.

They are the maker of some fine randonneuring, touring, and commuting bicycles and products. Amidst their inventory, they are producing French and Threadless Bottom Brackets! We are proud to carry their items. If you decide to purchase a French BB, please make sure that your bike actually has French threads. French and Swiss are very similar but are not compatible. More info in our listings. The threadless BBs are great for damaged or other rare BB threads. It will not, however, work on Italian BBs. Swoop them here!


You Fall...Then You Get Back Up

I've been trying to put in a lot of miles this season. Not only because I want to actually be more competitive this year, but I just want to enjoy being outdoors more. This last Saturday I saddled up for a lengthy excursion on my rando bike. It was a windy one and on a descent I lost control of my handlebars and fell on my ass going about 15 mph.

The shock emanated through my body. I hadn't felt that much pain since I was hit and went into a windshield of a car 3 years ago. The bike's fine, I had to re-align the drlr hanger and true both my wheels up. My body took most of the blow.

I'm slowly recovering but as I sit here, I can feel the stress of the fall. Even with all the discomfort, I revel in the fact that it wasn't worse. I'm not posting this for sympathy's sake, but to say that as you get more time on the saddle, I just want urge you all to be careful out there.

As a good friend's told me after the fall...just the price you pay for all that fun you have. A minor set back if you ask me.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Follow us on....

Every week we'll be posting a new sale coupon code!

New Products

Wow, it's crazy busy over here. Amidst trying to keep items well in stock, we find some time to add more to our already sizable inventory. Here are some sweet new items available now...

All-City Double Nylon Toe Clips Medium

We finally got these great clips in medium; white, black, and green. Which would be great with...

VP Components Double Toe Straps

For you and your vegan friends, double your fun! Wait, these are not spearmint gum, yeah, don't try and chew them. In brown, cream, and white. Singles available as well. I think we're above 40 varieties of toe straps. 40 different toe straps!

SIDI Shoes

How many times can you say hotness? About 25 times; Dominator 5 and Genius 5 Pro Carbon in sizes 41-48 (some half sizes). Italian greatness caressing your feet with every pedal stroke. SIDI have been making durable and rebuildable shoes for many decades now. They are quite the investment but will treat you well for many years.

Nitto ADB-X

Nitto reissued these bars and they've been flying off the shelves! We have Black in 37 cm and Silver in 37 and 40cm. Unfortunately I don't know the history behind these bars but I do know they have seen many a velodromes in their day.
Nitto Pearl Stem 25.4 & 26.0 - Black
Nitto Dynamic S-65 Seatpost - Black

These classic Nitto products are now available in anodized black. The Black Dynamic S-65 comes in 27.2 x 250mm and Black Pearls in 80, 90, and 100 mm in both 25.4 and 26.0 clamps!

Odyssey Elementary V3 Stem

This is a great stem! I guess what else do you expect from Odyssey. One bolt tightens both bars and fork steerer, just make sure that thing is tight. In Black and Silver.

EAI / Promax Keirin Front Calipers

We've been patiently waiting for these to come in for some time now. EAI and Promax teamed up to update the original design. This new version not only comes with an additional shim to make the 24.0 brake lever to 22.2, they included attachments for both oval or round fork blades! These new caliper systems also have a lower price tag at $59.99 than their previous version.
Volume 4" Riser Bars - Raw

Same Volume 4" Bars that we've always carried, just now in a stripped raw version.

Swrve Men's Cotton Shorts

Unfortunately, it's 40 deg out and raining right now, but one day it'll be back to Spring bliss. For now, I'll just dream of basking in the sun in some shorts. So pick these shorts up and be prepared for the glories of those warm days! They are made with 2% Lycra to give a bit of stretch as you pedal. Many more nuances to these shorts found here!

We'll keep ya updated on new things coming, so keep an eye out!


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