Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Products In Stock: Pacenti 650b & 29er/700c Rims

Kirk Pacenti is a lifelong cyclist and veteran of the bicycle industry.  His designs have been used by Velocity, Bontrager, Giro, Litespeed, Merlin and other major manufactures throughout his career.  Now he focuses his 
   time and energy on his own products.
His experience and knowledge is not only limited to rims, but extends to many other facets of bicycles.

We're really happy to have brought these rims in our stock and look forward to custom building your next set of wheels.  I must say I'll be using these rims personally for my next wheel build.  See our last Pacenti wheel build here

See our current stock of Pacenti Rims here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Event Recap: Riverwest 24hr Bike Race

Here are the results from this past weekend's RW24 race.  Great job MKE Bike Polo team for getting on the podium again this year and a big thanks to the Riverwest neighborhood for allowing such an amazing bike race.  See you all next year!
Photo by:  Pete_D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recent Scan: Vintage Cinelli Brochure

Our latest scan is this short but sweet vintage brochure showing a variety of Cinelli cycling history such as factory photos, lug images, leather helmets and a classic road tandem.  Be sure to check out next week's scan as it will also be from Cinelli.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upcoming Event: Riverwest 24hr Bike Race

Post race 2011
In it's 5th consecutive year the Riverwest 24hr bike race is back!  The race starts this Friday the 27th of July at 7pm and ends Saturday at 7pm.  This year's race will have 850 riders, which is about 75 more than last year.  This is easily one of Milwaukee's most anticipated bicycling events of the year with participates traveling from all over the midwest. 

The chart below shows last year's category "A team" winner, the MKE Bike Polo Team, with a final total of 124 points.  The "A team" is comprised of up to 6 people and only 1 bicycle, whereas the "B team" category can be comprised of up to 6 people and the racers can use their own separate bicycles.  For obvious reasons the "A team" field is considerably smaller than the "B team".  Competing in the race with one bicycle and 6 people can cause some difficulties, but the fun of the challenge makes up for it.  Being that I am a past and current member of the MKE Bike Polo 24hr race team I will say good luck to everyone this year and be safe out there! 

**Don't Be A Dummy:  If you are racing and don't have lights on your bike or a helmet for your brain, then PLEASE equip yourself!

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Product Seak Peak: Sun Ringle 650b Charger Wheels

We just acquired inside information that Sun Ringle will be soon coming out with a 650b Charger wheel in all three levels; pro, expert, and comp.  We'll keep you updated on further developments and availability as they come in.
One aspect of Sun Ringle hubs I really like is the ease of interchanging axles options. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ride Recap: Milwaukee to Kolher Andrae State Park

Anton, Steve, Andy and I hit the road last Saturday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the road ahead.  Before leaving Anton's house we discussed our route options; because of the direction we were heading there were many for us to choose from.  We chose the bike path out of the city and zig zagged our way through the burbs a bit, until we hit the country where we chose roads closest to the lake.
Ozaukee County Inter Urban Trail
Later we arrived in Port Washington where there was a necessary stop at Bernie's Fine Meats.  If you are ever in the area, you need to stop there and pick up some of the best jerky your taste buds will ever have.  Before continuing on, we hung out in the shade at the marina park, with cider and jerky in hand.
Wisconsin's soul food

Steve and I pit stopped in the shade at Karen's Lama Farm
This particular lama was kicking his or her's legs, presumably because we were hanging around.
The shade is our friend, ya gotta be safe.
We stopped at Lake Church Inn, in the town of Belgium, for lunch and beers. Talked to some very friendly folks for a while, which is to be expected because we're in Wisconsin after all!  Some of the locals mentioned a few times a place called the "Top Hat", but we never did make it there.
Finally, we arrived at Kolher-Andrae State Park after stopping at a local grocery store, fully stocked with food, ice, beers and ready to cool off in the lake. Hammock camping is my new preferred method when the weather permits; but if it drops to the 40's I'm inside a tent. A big thank you to ranger Ken who upgraded our site, he informed us that it's his favorite site in the park.  We later discovered that the morning sun, the crashing waves at night, and being wrist rocket distance away from the lake were a few of the reasons why our site was the best.  Also, just across the road was the trail head to the sand dune trail.  The previous one we were assigned to was simply inadequate for 2 hammocks and was basically on a giant ant hill.
Soon after are arrival to campsite #2 we were turning the Revelate Viscacha saddle bag into a home made cooler.  We listened to Bob Uecker announcing the Brew Crew with Anton's handy am/fm radio, while doing 12oz curls around the fire.
Sand Dune Trail
After a good night and kind of relaxing morning we were turning and burning back home.

Notable moments:  Andy ran over my banana that fell while riding(no he did not wipe out), Andy dropped the map while going down a hill at 35mph+ and Steve not telling anyone until we were at the bottom of the hill. Steve taking a bum bath at the fish cleaning station, Andy getting stung by a bee, and one flat tire 10 minutes from home.  All and all it was yet another successful weekend get-a-way from the city with some of the best buds around.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Selle Italia Catalog - Circa 1990

Selle Italia Catalog I like the name "Prarie" for a saddle. Keep checking back for a variety of rare catalog scans!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Give-A-Way Contest: Bern Unlimted Carbon Helmet

1. Leave a comment on our wall telling us what your favorite bike is.
2. Fill out the entire form at http://woobox.com/du9uvc
3. Share this giveaway and earn an extra 3 entries for each friend that enters.
4. Winner will be chosen next week July 25th
5. Good luck!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Eye Candy: Chris King R45 Hubs & Pacenti PL32 Rims

A beautiful wheel build that recently sold out of the shop for a local customer.  The classic Chris King R45 hubs laced to a classic machined side wall double wall box section Pacenti Pl32 Rims.  These rims are an excellent alternative to a Mavic open pro.  We will soon have these rims and other Pacenti rims listed on our website, but for now you if want some you'll have to e-mail us to put in a special order.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Product in Stock: MRP Spiderless MTB Bling Ring

MRP Bling Chainrings are an excellent high quality replacement ring to your existing spiderless crank set.

  • Fits Sram X0/X9/S1400/S2200 and Truvativ AKA
  • Teeth: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36
  • Chain Compatibility: SRAM 10/Shimano 10
  • Chainring BCD: Direct Mount (Replaces Spider)
  • Ring Position: Single
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Color: Anodized Gray
  • *34t Pictured (design is the same throughout the ring sizes)

  • Replace your boring rings with high quality bling here!

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Hot Off The Stand: Orange Road Bike

     Built with a Sram drive train and Velocity wheels along with the typical Thomson parts.
    This is an interesting badge location as not many people choose to put the "Milwaukee" there.
     When ever you buy a Milwaukee bike you're professionally fit on the bike for you as to ensure you enjoy the ride to it's fullest extent.
    The options are endless for customizing your Milwaukee Bicycle Frame.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    New Product: Sunrace SLM96 Thumbie Shift Lever Set

    Sunrace SLM96 Mountain thumbie shifter lever set.
    • Features:
    • 2:1 Actuation Ratio
    • Speeds: (R) 9spd Indexed, (L) Micro Adjust (micro indexed - like front grip shift)
    • Adjustable Lever Position: Yes
    • Lever Material: Aluminum
    • Clamp Material: Aluminum
    • Cable Type: Slick Galvanized
    • Handle Bar Diameter: 22.2mm
    • Average Weight: (R) 87g / (L) 85g
    Head over here or click the photo to buy a set.

    How a King Cage is Made

    If your looking for quality water bottle cages then look no further.  These puppies are handmade in the USA by Ron Andrews who has 20 years of bike manufacturing experience.

    Grab yourself a couple here from our store.

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    Unthorodox Ride: BXM or Scooter?

    A BMX bike or a scooter?  This is a fine example of creativity and using what is available to keep costs low.
    If any readers out there have there own photographs of an unorthodox ride, please feel free to submit them to us and I'll be sure to post them when the time comes.

    Happy weekend!

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