Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hubs and Such

Talk about fully custom! We got Phil Wood to make a custom tandem hubset for a customer. 40H 145mm disc rear with the 'special' flange that they used on their limited edition track hubs, just slightly smaller in diameter. Front much the same without the disc rotor mount.

We've made some pretty wacky requests to Phil Wood and they've come through with amazing results. So if you're looking for something that no one else has, Phil Wood will most likely deliver!


Monday, October 25, 2010

I Want...

(Fun for four!)

and this...
Via Whoa
(If you don't know what this is, you're too young.)

...but I can realistically have this...
Serfas True 250

With the light dipping out at around 6pm, having visibility on the road is essential. Here's another 250 lumen compact headlight! Serfas is stepping it up and competing with NiteRider in the small-sized-big-light arena. Even though the Serfas is a bit smaller than the Niterider, both are lightweight and shine a whole heck of a lot of light. It also comes in a 150 version too.

Some of us here testing it on some night mountain rides; we'll let you know how it holds up.

Lastly, don't know where you live but it's been above 60 deg here in Milwaukee for the last couple of days when it should be low 50s/high 40s. It's nice that I can still feel my toes after a ride. But when that winter hits...
(Oh I loves you internets.)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've owned my beloved Bridgestone Keirin track bike for 4 years now. Since then I've accrued more bikes of different styles and every time I've gotten back on the Bridgestone, something just didn't feel right. So for the first time I measured the top tube and found that it's a size smaller than all my other frames.


Kind of sucks that something I"ve loved just doesn't fit me anymore. Well, at least there is no shortage on amazing frames out there. So if you're like me and are in the market for a new frame we just got in some Look 464s in! Oooo they look sweet. We also have some Bianchi Super Pistas and Cinelli MASH frames in stock too, swoop em up!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You the Whoa

Sorry for the lack of posts. Even though we're creeping into the slow season of cycling, for some, it's actually a busy time of the year. This is when we order product for the Spring and there's a lot (almost too much) Interbike product to filter through.

So there will be a lot of new and exciting items in our inventory. Totally geeking out on all this stuff!

But for now, here are some sweet toys that we just got in...
Shimano Alfine hubs
Great versatility for commuting and strong enough for mountain biking. I have a friend who hauls hundreds of pounds of beans for Just Coffee on this hub. He has no doubt that they are very strong!
Nitto Bar End Plugs
Within a day of posting these they were sold out! It's great to see some high quality bar end plugs for your road bars. More in about a week.

Honjo Fenders
Ok, there are a lot of these fenders; but variety is good. From hammared to fluted to smooth, they will definitely add some style points to your ride. We also carry every small part that Honjo has to offer.

More on touring items soon!
-------NiteRider Cordless 250
Light technology has been expanding very fast in the last couple of years. The 250 has the light head and battery integrated into one. No cables to get tangled and more compact than it's older brothers. This thing packs a punch; with 250 lumens of output, don't shine it directly in anyone's eye!
The classic Nitto B123 now comes in a 31.8 clamp to fit more modern stems. These bars are already stiff as it is!
MKS Twin Deep Toe Clips
Another classic piece now with an added loop for all those double toe straps out there.


Bicycling has been expanding in recent months and it's no secret that Mountain Biking is blowing up. A lot of us here at Ben's are avid mountain bikers and want you to get in all of the fun. If you haven't tried it, you have to at least give it a chance!

So we've responded to this expansion and are stocking some key items to get you started on (or upgrade) your off-road bike.
Shimano SLX Hubs - 32H and 36H
Even though this is the lowest denominator in Shimano's mtn line, it is in no way 'cheap.' Built to be a more an all-mountain groupo it's big difference to the more cross-country/pricey XT cousin is weight. But for the price and it's strength in burliness, you can't deny it's worth! Other bits and pieces here. We also carrying XT and XTR products as well.

Whoa, that's a lot of stuff and guess what? We have a lot more to come!



We now carry some limited edition MKE/Megabolt hoodies and shirts! Check them out on our Milwaukee page under t-shirts and hoodies.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eric is Crazy on his Bruiser

I met Eric out at this year's NAHBS. He was once a Milwaukee native and is quite acquainted with the Ben's crew. Now he's in Portland as one of Vanilla's painters! Apparently he is geeking out over his Bruiser and went nuts on some upgrades! Check them out...

From Matt:

Polo bikes are unique in their own way, especially my friend Eric’s, who lives and plays polo in Portland. His love for Polo and bike painting unquestionably shows with his recent Bruiser build, which he themed it after the band Heart.

-Black powder base coat with violet pearl on frame/fork
-Everything that can be powder coated is/was/going to be to match
-Reflective stickers are used as well for high visibility.

From Eric:

Had quite a few days of playing/practice/commuting(!) on the bike and am soooooo happy that I went with a Bruiser.

My boss(Sacha) was kind enough to braze on the V brake mounts for me and the double brake is working like a charm! Such an easy and highly beneficial polo mod it is hilarious. Props to Julian from Seattle for coming up with it. He rocks a Shimano XT lever/shifter combo where the innards of the shifter have been removed. I got a hold of an old thumb shifter with a two piece clamp so I can move it to the down sweep of the bars and not worry about clamp size. It also lets me adjust the angle and spacing of front and rear brake levers independently of one another... sweeeeeeet. Now get searching in Ben's old shifter box and see if you can dig something up:)

-Wheel cover/bike is....Heart
-Parts are pretty much stock everything - nothing too fancy, just durable and polo approved.

Thanks Eric, it looks great!


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