Monday, February 21, 2011

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Help us decide what other popular mallet head lengths we could offer. Please take the time and give us your 2 cents!

UHMW Mallet Heads and Caps!

UHMW polo heads and caps are available now through our store. Machined in our very own basement and tested (for what seemed like an eternity) by our MKE Polo Team. These heads and caps are made from super durable ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, will outlast HDPE heads and come in 10 grams lighter right out of the box.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shiny New Things

Got some sharp looking components in this week. From the slick finish of Zipp Service Course SL pieces to the iridescent Ritchey Classic series; we'll definitely have a thing or two that will sweeten up your ride.Stems Top to Bottom: Nitto UIEX 31.8 Stems, Easton EA90, Ritchey Matrix Carbon/Alloy, Ritchey Classic, and Zipp Service Course SL.
Seatposts Left to Right: Easton EA70 Zero, Zipp Service Course SL, Nitto S67 31.6, and Ritchey Classic. (Sorry about the blurry photos, I will have a new camera soon)

Speaking of upgrades, I found this little gem on Velo Cult's site. This is a Raleigh Competition retrofitted with a Sturmey S3X three-speed fixed hub. On top of being in impeccable shape, it's set up with great parts. I am personally a fan of drop bars with this type of flare (see Kalloy track bars, Gary Bars, Nitto RM-014). They're comfortable and take a bit less effort to engage your brakes. They're great for touring/commuting and soon I'll try them off-road.
Anyways, it's a fantastic build and it reminds me that I need to take some shop shots of the rides that roll through our doors. From Rivendel, Cinelli, Merckx, and many others, I'll try to document most if not all of them.

Alright, the day is almost done and the weekend is upon us. Have a good one!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

NAHBS 2011

So Jim and I are planning to hit up NAHBS again this year. I figured it'll be a nice break from the snow/cold and hit up some trails in Little Rock, AR and Austin, TX on the way in. It'll be nice to ride on dirt and not on packed snow for once. Getting pretty excited for the trip and in the spirit of it all, here's a tasteful video of our buddy/local frame builder Dave Wages of Ellis Cycles doing what he does best...

Ellis Cycles from Chris Harris on Vimeo.

Chris did a great job on the video! He is also the proud owner of many a great hand built bikes including (one of my all-time favorite builds) an Ahearne MTB Fixed Gear.
He claims fixed mountain biking is pretty fun, I guess it's something for me to try out this Spring.

And another goodie of his, an Ellis 29er------
There's a lot of great exhibitors this year including Burro Bags, Paul Components, Ira Ryan, and Geekhouse just to name a few. Well, hope to catch some of you all at the show. 74 Deg in Austin right now...yup, I can handle that.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Into the New

Today was the first day in a long while that I didn't wear my winter boots. It feels real nice to strap on road shoes! 40 deg today and it'll top 53 towards the end of the week. Even though this winter was quite brutal, it did give us some time to post up some great new items...
Fyxation 700x35c Wire in Black, White, and White/Black

MKE Grips in Blood Red!
New selection of Giro Helmets

More variety of Bell Helmets
(I personally really need a new one!)
We just received some amazing pieces from Nitto including the Jitensha B2522 in black, new Pearl Stems, RM-014 (Dirt Drop handlebars!), and RB-021 SSB (31.8 clamp area).

So much more to post but I'll leave it at that for now. Check out more new items here. Spring is creeping up soon so bring your bike in for that much needed tune up and beat the rush!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

EXTRA-Small Bruisers

We had a shipment of X-Small Bruiser's arrive. Some pre-painted gloss black and matte black; but the majority are raw to be custom painted with your favorite color! This Pearl Pink frame / Matte Black fork is available for the taking, Blog Special! Get this custom painted frameset for pre-painted price of $489.99! First come, first serve; there's only one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Metal Pedal MKE

Beers, bikes, and quite possibly blunders. Looks like a good time! More info here.

What is it? Timed stationary roller racing- FREE and open to the public (21 or older). Bikes provided. Benefits Wisconsin Bicycle Federation, donations welcome!

When? Thursday, February 24th @ 7pm

Where? Great Lakes Distillery 616 W. Virginia St Milwaukee. (map below).

A few of the prizes include:
-Brewery tour for twelve, two cases of beer, Flaming Damsel and apparel from Milwaukee Brewing Co.
-Bar tabs from Vintage, Sabbatic, Sugar Maple, Times Square Pizza and Atomic Chocolate Company.
-Apparel and Bike swag from Cory The Bike Fixer, Bens Cycle and Crank Daddys.
-Beer from Lakefront Brewery
-Booze from Great Lakes Distillery

Come down and support Milwaukee's cycling community!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Single Speed

Over the last few years, biking to work and for leisure has become an important lifestyle for many people in Milwaukee and Madison, Wis...