Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Endeavours into Touring/Commuting

I hope that we've done our part to offer the widest variety of fixed gear accoutrement to anyone who is willingly to peruse our webstore. To add to this collection, we will continue to be picking the best products from BMX, fixed, road, and mountain bike companies.

While the fixed culture is ever so greatly expanding, we will also put an emphasis on touring and commuting. Currently, you can now special order Surly's Long Haul Trucker, Cross-Check, and Travelers Check in our Touring/Commuting section.

Photo by JB Importers

Other products will soon be up including the Cinelli Valencia Bar. It is remeniscent of the highly saught after Cinelli Priest Bars (thanks John).

Photo By Carradice

Another product that we are proud to be carrying (soon enough) will be Carradice Bags. Most known for their saddle bags, this English company has been constructing quality canvas products for many decades. We are trying to expose these once very hard to get bags to a broader audience. I personally prefer saddle bags over panniers or a messenger bag/backpack.

Also, check out our variety of racks that can suit any of your needs.

Photo By BTI

Lastly, we are in search for more 25.4 short stems to suit more handlebars like this sweet Spank Tweet Tweet stem. Perfect match for Atomlab's Cromoly Pimp Bars.

Keep an eye out for these products!


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