Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sun Rhyno Lite 48H

Check out that cross section! This is one burly rim. Low profile but tough as nails. Our fellow Polo aficionado Matt Hewitt will be doing a review on them when his Bruiser is built up so keep an eye out for that. We got a sweet deal on these guys so once they go they may not be available at this price.



Tim A said...

I run these rims on my polo rig (MKE Bruiser), laced to MKE 48h hubs. So far, they have held up great. Beefy, but well constructed. Much better than anything made by a more popular rim company. Can you say eyeletted nipple holes? Awesome!

JT said...

Don't mean to pick nits, but I hooked Matt up with a set of CR18 rims, not the Rhyno Lites. However, a set of Rhyno Lites had been ridden by Zito for years after we got tired of seeing him with yet another tacoed wheel when he worked downtown, and I personally rode 32h CR18's for three years on my work bike. Simple, strong, cheap, and none too heavy. There's a reason that rim has been around forever and a day. Can easily take a 2" tire too.

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