Thursday, January 14, 2010

What!? No picture!?, I'll have to make up for it with. Bantor!

We have an eff-ton of mountain bike tires. Lots of them are on sale. WTB, Syncros, Conti, Hutchinson and more. I know, I know most of them are 26" and won't fit on those increasingly popular wagon-wheels. I'm sorry. If you or a loved one has a little wheel problem (like me) Send them our way. Around here we are mostly missing the the second half of downhill, but if your DH, AM, or FR rig needs tires we've got 'em. Seriously, check it out. Do it.

The Song of the week is actually a link to Muzzle of Bees a Milwaukee based music blog.
I'm heading down to Riverwest for the second night (eesh (just kidding)) in a row to check out the urban fervor surrounding the Rural Alberta Advantage with a spurned curly haired surfer named Roberta.

Here comes the...


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