Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Get Your Polish Moon Bike Tour T-shirt, Food Early

The Wisconsin Bike Federation is hosting the first annual Polish Moon Bike Tour on Friday, August 22. 

Click on the link and check out the fun. It's a ride around Walker's Point, Silver City, and Lincoln neighborhoods, the historical Polish neighborhoods of Milwaukee.

It's going to be huge fun, and we at Ben's are going to be right there in the middle of it. 

Starting at 6, we'll be grilling our famous Polish sausage. Then we'll join the ride and celebrate this great new Milwaukee event.

We even created a very limited edition t-shirt to commemorate this event.  We have both men's and women's style t-shirts. 

We're offering a special deal to raise funds for the Bike Fed: buy the limited edition t-shirt and a sausage for $15 before the ride and $20 day of ride. We're only printing a small number of t-shirts so make sure you get yours by pre-ordering.

If you want to purchase the shirt and sausage before the ride, please follow these instructions:
1. Log into your paypal account and My Paypal.
2. Click on Send Money.
3. Click on Pay for Goods and Services
4. In the email, type in: ""
5. Make sure you add a note "Polish Moon." with the size of your shirt. We did order women's style t-shirts as well.
6. Your sausage and t-shirt will be ready for you at the ride!

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