Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Milwaukee Bicycle Company Race Team on Podium at Subaru Cup

Milwaukee Bicycle Company Angie Therriault racer finished second in her age group and eighth overall in the Sport division of the WORS Cup on Sunday. 

Angie Theriault
The race, held at Cascade Mountain in Portage, Wisconsin, also featured some of the country's top pro mountain bikers in the pro race. 

Chad Tucker finished fourth in his age group in the Comp division while Ron Knutowski finished fifth, 17th overall. 

Angie on podium!
On Friday, Knutowski raced the short track, a kind of short lap dirt race. He placed third in 35 to 44 age group and seventh overall in Comp Cat. 2 division. 
"I rode myself into the ground to pass two guys in my age group on the last lap," he said. "It was a crazy hard 18-minute race." 

Chris St. Clair finished sixth in his age group in the Sport Cat. 2 division. 

Chris, who forgot his team kit, races on MBC Grit steel mountain bike.

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