Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pre-Season Cross Tire and Glue Special at Ben's Cycle

Ben's Cycle has quickly become the bike store cyclocross racers trust to find bikes, wheels, tires, and good service. From our race team to our Milwaukee Bicycle Company Mettle cyclocross race bike, from our top-notch service department to our cyclocross clinics, from our Specialized Crux bikes to our large stock of parts, wheels, tires, and accessories, we have what you need to start racing, or make you faster.

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We'll give you three good reasons to stop in today and see what we have to offer:
Base glue (csmagazine)
1. We're running a pre-season special on tire gluing for  tubular wheels. While tubular wheels are far superior to any other for cyclocross since we can run them at such a low tire pressure, they are messy and annoying to glue. 

Adding tape to glue. (cxmagazine)
At Ben's, drop your wheels and tires off, and we'll glue them for $55 a set! Our highly-trained mechanics use CX Tape plus at least three layers of glue to assure that your tires won't roll off in tight corners. Our shop racers have their tires glued on here! And those race team members who glue their own wheels use CX Tape.

2. We are getting new stock of rims and hubs ready for cyclocross. And at Ben's, you can select your own choice of hubs and rims, and we'll build them for free. It's usually cheaper to have us build a set of wheels for you than buying pre-built wheels. And then you have exactly the wheels you want.
White Industries CX-11 hubs

Aileron clincher rim
We have White Industry, Shimano, Chris King, and DT Swiss hubs with Velocity, HED, Enve, Stans, H Plus, and Pacenti rims. These come in disc and non-disc hubs with tubular and clincher versions. 

For example, Velocity just came out with the Aileron, a wider clincher rim designed for cyclocross. And Shimano and White both have cyclocross-specific hubs available. 

If a hub or rim doesn't show up in inventory, call us and we'll get it ordered!

3. We're getting our cyclocross tires in stock, both clincher and tubular. We have tires from Clement, Challenge, Vittoria, Stans, Kenda, and other manufacturers. 

The hot tire this year seems to be the Challenge Chicane, a set of which are being glued to a Milwaukee Bicycle Company Race Team member today. The Chicane is a file tread, which allows the tire to go faster in dry and grassy conditions, but it has the side tread from the Challenge Limus, the mud tire. That fat tread on the side allows for tighter, more confident cornering.
Challenge Chicane. (

Stop at the shop or go online for more reasons to make Ben's Cycle your source for everything cyclocross this fall. 

And stay tuned for more reasons to shop for everything cyclocross at Ben's Cycle.

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