Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tubes, Tubes, and More Tubes: Get Them Cheap

We have an abundance, a plethora, a crap-ton, a lot, a wealth, a profusion of tubes for your bicycle tires. Too many. They're bursting out of our warehouse. 

So we need to sell them. 

Here are our specials:

Kenda for $5.49
Each of the tire sizes is linked to our website page.
24 inch Schrader valve

22 inch Schrader valve
20 inch Schrader valve
18 inch Schrader valve
16 inch Schrader valve
14 inch Schrader valve
12 inch Schrader valve
inch Schrader valve

PLUS: If you need 700x18-23 presta valve tubes, you can buy in bulk from us and save even more! Three tubes for $10.49 and 10 tubes for $32.99.

Continental for $7.49
Tour 32-42m with 42m presta valve
Race 2025m with 42m presta valve.
MTB 26 1.75-2.5 with 42m presta valve.
Compact 20x1.1 Slim with 42m presta valve.

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