Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Fyxation Rear Tires!

Boy do I love it when companies honestly listen to customers.
There were a few people who were burning thru their rear colored tires too fast and Fyxation came up with a great solution...place a medium compound stripe right where it matters!
Don't be mistaken, it's not just another black tire with stripes of color. Since this is a full color tire with a black center stripe you'll still get the tacky soft side compound for cornering.
Now you can add some color to your ride, have a full color tire in the front to take advantage of the grip that the softer colored tires offer and add some longevity to your rear at the same time.
It is said these will be available before Christmas.

Oh and those who are looking forward to the whitewall version (wider black or brown center tread), we should see those in about 2-3 weeks.

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