Thursday, May 13, 2010

Them Big Tyres

There is a crazy demand for 29er products right now. Niner has been sold out of many frames and even many of Salsa's models have been back ordered until August (check out their new dropouts, a veritable option to Paragon sliding ones. Just another option for you single speed nuts). We've been busy hording a lot of these products while the dwindling supplies last. Here are some recent additions...

Stan's Tubeless Ready Raven in 29x2.2 and 29x2.0
  • Low tread but with lil nubs on the sides for added traction
  • The 2.0 is a great racing tire

Geax Sauguaro TNT 29x2.2 and Barro Race TNT 29x2.0
  • I've mentioned these before; TNT is their new tubeless system
  • Saugaro is a non-aggressive tire made more for dry trails
  • Barro Race is like the Raven, low profile racing with added traction
Kenda Small Black 8 29x2.1
  • Popular dry terrain tire now available for 29ers
  • Not tubeless
Hutchinson Python Tubeless 29x2.1 and Toro Tubeless 29x2.125
  • Great XC tires
  • Toro is an aggressive tire best for mud or rougher terrain
  • Python has low tread with low rolling resistance
  • Python is much like a WTB Nano
Like usual, we have more to choose from. So if you're looking for some new tires, check out our tire section. More mountain tires from Panaracer, Continental, WTB, and more!

Unfortunately it's been raining for the past few days over here in SE Wisconsin. My mountain bike feels a bit neglected. It'll see some trails soon enough!


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