Friday, August 13, 2010

Three Speeds

There's nothing like bombing down a trail or hill at full speed. However, sometimes it's all about chilling out on a bike. A lot of us here at Ben's ride 3 speeds and even though they are all set up differently, there's no denying their simplicity and versatility.

Here's my Raleigh Lenton Tourist. It's made out of Reynalds 531 tubing and the cable pulley is actually brazed on! Converted the 26-1 3/8" wheels to 700c with 28c Panaracer Pasaelas. This thing is probably close to 40 years old.

Unfortunately, Korrimor saddle bags are hard to find, but companies like Rivendell and Carradice are still producing some high quality ones. The B67 (springs with one rail) is one of my favorite touring/cruiser saddles. With the wide back end, springs, and a month or two of breaking in, it's like riding on a sofa! Other variations are the B68 (no springs) and B66 (springs with two rails).
The guys over at Portland Design Works make some sweet products. One of them being these Dapper Dan grips that not only look great on any bike but feel awesome, especially on these B352AA bars.

Here are some new 3-speed related products that we carry...
Carradice Barley Saddlebag

In black and green. The Barley is a variation of the Pendle bag with more loops to strap to and a slight size difference. For more Carradice products go here.

Nitto R-10 Saddlebag Rack

Nitto has always constructed strong and attractive bike components. I'm sure whatever you tote around, this thing can hold it up. More Nitto racks here.

Sturmey Archer 3-Speed Thumb Shifter

Sunrace/Sturmey Archer has been stepping up their product line recently. On top of the 3-Speed Fixed S3X and the re-introduction of the two speed kick back hub, they've also developed a thumb and bar-end shifter.

If you've never ridden a 3-speed, try one out, you might just love it!



Anonymous said...

Any idea on when the S2C will be available? Been looking and I can't find one anywhere. I think it's the real breakthrough product as opposed to the 3 speed fixed hub.
Also, it would be nice if you guys offered some rears or sets in 700c of 3 speeds for people who don't build their own wheels. I do, but it's easier to just point my friends to a product on your site that is complete.

Ben's Cycle said...

They are available now, we just need to get one in the shop!

As for the pre-built wheels, we have a 'Custom Wheel Builder' under 'categories' where you chose the hub and the rim and we build it for you.

Pick and choose and the wheels appear at your door!

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