Friday, March 18, 2011

New Milwaukee Road Bike - Part 2

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "New Milwaukee Road Bike!":

Do you have any more close up photos of the bikes. I'm interested in seeing how the black decals look up close with the atomic orange color. The frame and geometry was well thought out. This is a frame that most people should be riding. Not racing. Not touring. Just a good around bike.

~Thanks Anon!
Here are a couple more shots for you.


w/o flash


Anonymous said...

Thanks! The atomic orange looks great up close. Maybe a little pearl coat in the paint. Looks like you already have yours set up with fenders. Which decals are standard on the frame. These pictures show black but the order page show black with a silver outline. I'm still scratching my head thinking "What's the catch?" True Temper Verus tubing is used by a lot of custom builders for durable builds. Not that much heavier either.

Only road said...

That's a beautiful color.

I keep telling myself I really do need a sixth bike...

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