Thursday, July 14, 2011

Milwaukee 29er Builds

Here's a customer's blue small Milwaukee 29er built up with Velocity Blunts and SLX hubs. He just got fitted this week and I'm pretty sure I'll see this bike on the trails soon!
This is a medium Milwaukee 29er test/display bike. We have a size run built up at the shop so swing by and take it out for a test ride. They are also available for rent, drop by or call for details. It's great to see a small army of these built up ready for the trails.

Speaking of trails...I just did 3 laps out at Cam Rock yesterday. Since there will be a WORS race next weekend, the trails are in tip top shape. Maps are on site as well as trail and direction markers. CORP did a fantastic job. I had a blast out there and encourage everyone to hit them up!

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