Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Freeload Racks – Your Platform for Adventure

Freeload is a company from New Zealand that has designed one of the most adaptable racks I have put my hands on. It uses a strong cam system to latch on to either the seat stay or fork (even suspension forks!). It's ingenious triangular adjustable system allows you to install the rack with ease as well as angle it how ever you please. There are essentially two models: one that works with panniers and one that doesn't. Check them out here.

This is one of those items that can help solve problems for any mechanic. On top of being light and seemingly strong, this rack was designed mainly for dual suspension bikes but can also work on road bikes that do not have rack mounts. I wouldn't install this on a carbon bike, but as always, consult your mechanic if this is a suitable option for your bike. It is also very easy to take on and off. As we see more cyclists dabble in adventure biking and dirt brevets, I think we will see more great products like this soon.

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