Friday, January 17, 2014

Ebay Spotlight: Vintage Raleigh Locking Fork

Before Kryptonite and OnGuard, peace of mind rested in the ol' locking fork. We found this vintage gem in our basement over the weekend while doing some winter cleaning. It's a very well-kept Raleigh bike fork with a built-in locking mechanism. When set, the fork would lock in the turn position, thus not allowing the bike to be ridden in a straight line and foiling any potential getaway.
Maybe the most exciting part of the find was that the original Wilmot Union Breeden keys were still in the lock(!) and the feature works perfectly. It's been fun checking this fork out over the last few days, but we've decided that this piece belongs to a true Raleigh aficionado or someone looking to upgrade the fork on their prized vintage bike. 

This preserved locking fork is currently up for auction now through January 23rd over in our Ebay store.

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