Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Make A Statement With These Eye-Catching Bike Upgrades

Even if you mainly just use your bike for getting from point A to point B, your mode of transportation says a lot about you. How you choose to get around makes a statement about your personality and your tastes. Over 100 million bicycles are manufactured worldwide each year, so if you want yours to stand out against the crowd, you'll want to upgrade a few key components. These upgrades will help guarantee that your bike turns heads next time you go out for a ride.

  • Handlebar end caps: This tiny detail can make a world of difference in how your bike looks. For a bolder look, pick bright colors that are sure to get noticed, or for something more subtle yet classy go with a metal finish. These more affordable switches are perfect for if you want to change things up without breaking the bank.
  • Storage systems: If you're riding your bike to any sort of store, to school, or to the office, you'll want a secure way to take your important items with you. Bike bags are a perfect addition for the practical biker who uses their bicycle as a primary form of transportation. Make sure you pick out bags for bikes that are both sturdy and good-looking to compliment your style.
  • Name brand bike frames: A brand name goes a long way in just about any form of self-expression, whether it's your fashion, your car, or yes, even your bike. Name brand bike frames show off your personal tastes, so make sure your bike frame is sporting a brand that expresses a bit about who you are.
  • Stylish new rims: Just as is the case with cars, a new set of rims for your bike can give your bike the eye-catching look you're going for. Look for ones in colors that compliment your bike's frame to make sure your bike doesn't end up clashing with itself.

If your bike is in need of an aesthetic upgrade to make it perfect for you, contact Ben's Cycle. Ben's Cycle has a wide variety of bike parts to help you upgrade your ride into a bike that's sure to catch the attention of anyone you ride past.

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